Why The Mitsuoka Orochi Is The World's Ugliest Car

Forgive them, for they have sinned; the Orochi is the ugliest car ever made

We recently brought you the eye candy of the world's best looking car (the Ferrari 288 GTO) and now we're going to ruin your day by showing you the worst lookers on four wheels of all time. So let's get the most terrible out of the way early on. The ugliest, most unforgivably hideous and poorly designed car of all time is: the Mitsuoka Orochi.

Quick bit of context (as if it matters). Mitsuoka is a Japanese kit and replica car maker. The Orochi is a mid-engined two-seater that uses a 3.3-litre Toyota V6. It costs about $100,000, and there'll only ever be 400 made. Thank goodness for that.

In this latest series you'll probably see some of Team CT incorrectly nominate predictable fuglies like the BMW 5-series GT or Ssangyong Rodius. Sure, those slab-sided over-sized pigs are fairly unattractive bits of kit, but there's method in the madness. At least those cars are big, practical, and useful.

The Orochi is supposed to be a sports car, a piece of rare exotica, and therefore a no-compromise beauty. Seriously, draw yourself the perfect mid-engined car. It'd probably look something like a Lotus Esprit or Ferrari F40, all wedgy and sleek. It's pretty hard to screw up the world's most beautiful car template, and yet Mitsuoka's melty, poorly proportioned Orochi commits every sin possible. If you're going to over-style a car, at least make its details pretty!

Here's one more picture to illustrate my point better than all the negative adjectives in the Oxford Dictionary could hope to do. You may look away now.


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