What Is The Best Car Logo In History?

We've opened up a poll to find out what the best car logo in history is. Get voting!


Think of your top five favourite cars and chances are you'd be able to draw their logos pretty accurately from memory. Okay, some might struggle with the Porsche emblem (if that's your thing), and the Ferrari prancing horse would probably look more like a potbellied hyena, but we'd get the jist...

Picture 6

Some manufacturer logos have, and always will stay the same, while others will continue to be developed to 'get with the times'. Some logos are simple symbols - Audi, Mercedes and Lexus, for example - while others are a collection of letters: Hennessey, Jeep and TVR, we're looking at you.

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With this in mind (and with your help on our Facebook Page), we now want you to vote for what you think is the best car logo in history. Based on your comments, we've narrowed down a Top 25 list of manufacturers for you to choose from.

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