Vorsteiner Has A $900 'Fix' For The BMW M3's Enormo-Grille

The wheel manufacturer has revealed a raft of cosmetic upgrades for the G80 M3 and G82 M4, and yes, that includes a new grille treatment
Vorsteiner Has A $900 'Fix' For The BMW M3's Enormo-Grille

It wasn’t long after the unveiling of BMW’s G80 M3 and G82 M4 that Prior Design revealed its ‘fix’ for the cars’ controversial kidney grilles. Like a subsequent design previewed by UK-based Evolve, this requires the replacement of the whole bumper.

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What we bring you today, however, is a little less involved. It comes from US firm Vorsteiner, and it merely swaps the stock grilles with new inserts. And so, it’s not too expensive - for the ABS plastic version you’re looking at $899 to pre-order in the USA, or if you’d prefer it in carbon fibre, $1499. European availability hasn’t been mentioned just yet.

Vorsteiner Has A $900 'Fix' For The BMW M3's Enormo-Grille

The new pieces feature big central bars that break up the grilles, similar to another set of G8x grilles from a company called Grale. With them installed, the car looks just as angry, if not more so. As to whether or not it’s an improvement, we’ll let you argue that one in the comments.

Should you want to combine the new grilles with further aesthetic tweaks, Vorsteiner has more on the menu. A new carbon fibre front splitter is available for $2,395, and there’s a carbon rear spoiler for $2195. ‘VPX-101’ wheels are yours for $4196, or for anyone wanting all of the above in one hit, the price is $8684.

Vorsteiner Has A $900 'Fix' For The BMW M3's Enormo-Grille

Vorsteiner’s G8x upgrade programme is purely cosmetic, but if you want more power to go with the tweaked looks, there are already several options out there including a 582bhp package from AC Schnitzer. Or you could just leave things alone under the bonnet - the Competition’s 503bhp output isn’t exactly weak, is it?



Doesn’t a number plate sit there anyway? because of this it’s not that much of an improvement

01/18/2022 - 14:31 |
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🎺🎺thank mr skeltal

In reply to by ATOGI_28

A regular EU license plate will unfortunately not span the entire width of the grille. If it did, I’m sure the design would be a lot less controversial at least in Europe.

01/20/2022 - 08:16 |
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Reminded me of what Chip Foose thought then, The only one keeping the angles is what Prior Design made. LCI made one that looks like last gen and looks good, but apart from those, theres nothing else.

01/18/2022 - 19:19 |
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