Top 50 Rapper-Owned Motors

What are the defining features of a proper celebrity? Sex scandals, video tapes and the latest motors, right? Speaking of which, here are 50 of the blighters!

50. Lupe Fiasco's Chevrolet Camaro

'If you are what you say you are, a superstar, then have no fear, your Camaro's here.' That old-skool pick up next to it? Yep, his as well.

49. Dr. Dre's Scooter

Judging by what Dr Dre has been seen driving most recently we reckon he either can't drive a car or has gone bankrupt. A wee scooter? Are you 16?

48. Eminem's Cadillac Escalade

Eminem can't drive but at least he's not tootling along on a scooter to his appointments. The massive Escalade should be comfy enough for Slim's small frame.

47. Pitbull's Limited Edition Dodge Dart

Pitbull helped design this limited edition Dodge Dart. The Fiat group has treated the Americans to this tiny saloon instead of the gorgeous Alfa Guilietta. Pitbull himself hasn't been seen driving anything though.

46. T-Pain's Fiat 500 Gucci

T-Pain's car history is very exciting; Phantoms, Lambos even a Bugatti. Now, though, you can find him in this cheeky little Fiat 500 by Gucci.

45. Lil Wayne's Campagna T-Rex

This was a birthday present from work mate Nicki Minaj. A three-wheeled 'cyclecar' with a 1.4 litre petrol engine. Justin Bieber briefly had one of these as well.

44. P Diddy's Jeep Wrangler

A great little off-roader from the other side of the pond. We tested an even smaller orange one molested by A Khan design which was 'tres' cool.

43. PSY's Hyundai Equus

Yes, the genius behind 'Gangnam Style' was seen showing his patriotism when touring America as he wanted to be chauffeured in Hyundai's most luxurious car (which we don't get in the UK).

42. Davido's Audi Q7

Nigerian rapper Davidos did exactly what those Euromillions winners did a month or so back, buy a Q7. He apparently got fed up with seeing Rangies.

41. Redman's Smart ForTwo

The typical rappers' car is usually big, brash and loaded with money. Smarts just don't cut it. Are you listening Justin Bieber?

40. Queen Latifa's Ford Mustang

Queen Elizabeth has her own one-off royal Bentley as well as a Range Rover. Very monarch-like. Queen Latifa, however, didn't want to follow that trend whatsoever!

39. Lloyd Banks' Jaguar XK

JLR now offers 22" rims on the new Range Rover but LLoyd Banks decided that he wanted his own 22s on the XK. Strangely, we don't think they suit it.

38. Mannie Fresh's Jaguar XJ

Mannie Fresh must have really liked the XJ75 Platinum concept because that's what his Jag actually looks like. Although we think it would look better in black with the sport trinkets provided by Jaguar itself.

37. 50 Cent's Range Rover

Remember Fiddy's Lamborghini Murcielago? That was blue. So too is a motorcycle he recently bought. His now-signature paint job suits the Range Rover nicely.

36. Richie Rich's Bentley Conti GTC

The 22s phase has caught onto Richie Rich as well. Usually engines don't like the added effort of spinning very large alloys but the W12 in this Continental won't complain.

35. Nick Cannon's Ferrari F430

Married to Mariah Carey, drives around in a Ferrari 430 and makes plenty of wonga hosting America's Got Talent. We don't hate him one bit! Well, maybe slightly.

34. DMX's Mercedes CL

Nowhere near as good looking as the current CL, but this fully customised old-skool CL loaded with ear-drum-bursting speakers could be yours as DMX wants to sell it.

33. Snoop Dogg's Dodge Challenger

Sorry! Sorry, we meant 'Snoop Lion'. Or did we? Is he still called that or was it just a random hoo ha? Anyway, this was him trying out the latest Dodge Challenger. Properly by the looks of things.

32. Cher Lloyd's Rolls Royce Phantom

Right, OK. Her rapping is... quite poor but she is still a rapper (annoyingly) and she likes to get chauffeured about in a Phantom. Maybe we should try rapping? Oh, hold on...

31. Nicki Minaj's Bentley Continental GT

The interior, we like. Linen seats, beluga dashboard and hide with ash veneer. The exterior worries us, however. Then again, did you expect Miss Minaj to travel discreetly!?

30. Will.I.Am's IAMAUTO DeLorean

Here is Will-dot, I-dot, Am-dot's vision of the future. By the year 2025 we will all be driving I-dot, Am-dot, Auto-dots with Nicole Scherzinger in the passenger seat on Mars, it seems. Thankfully, we've found much better uses for the DeLorean

29. Sir-Mix-A-Lot's Mclaren 12C

Sir-Mix-A-Lot loves big butts and Jeremy Kyle's equipment proved he can not lie. So expect the big-arsed P1 to replace this 12C soon. Maybe a Peugeot 3008 is his daily driver?

28. Jim Jones' Mercedes G55

AMG has made the G-Wagon into a heavy-drinking maniac with a very short temper. That Prius has balls to be parked next to it. Surprised it didn't protect itself with a solar panel as a shield.

27. Rick Ross' Bentley Continental

Did you just flip me the bird!? Oh, wait, you're just trying to do the rock and roll hand gesture. If you think Rick Ross is heavy, that British brute weighs nearly 2.5 tonnes!

26. Waka Flocka's Rolls Royce Ghost

We're guessing this person got the inspiration for his stage name from Fozzie Bear? Quite daft. What's not so daft is the fact he chose the Ghost which we think is much fresher looking than the Phantom.

25. Lil Kim's Rolls Royce Phantom

Kim is very little, but her Phantom is very large. The Extended wheelbase model is nearly 20ft long. How do you park such a thing at the shops?

24. Ludacris' Ferrari 458

Until the F12 arrives at the showrooms, we reckon this is the best Ferrari on sale today. It's definitely got the beat to make your booty go clap.

23. Missy Elliott's Lamborghini Aventador

Well, when we say 'Missy Elliott's' we mean 'the local Lambo dealer's' Aventador. Last we heard she was suing the dealership for significantly hiking the price after she put the deposit down.

22. Tyga's Audi R8

The Audi R8. We reckon it's one of the best looking cars to come out of Germany, until some stupid rapper covers it in gold, that's G-O-L-D wrapping! And we thought chrome was bad...

21. The Game's Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is great, but no-where near as attractive as the four-ringed supercar. And The Game thinks it should be gold too! When did giant melted trombones with wheels become fashionable!?

20. Soulja Boy's Bentley Continental

Yet another Continental for you? Only this time it's not pink with gigantic wheels. Sadly, Soulja Boy wounded it recently but we promise you it's the last Conti on the countdown.

19. Drake's Bentley Continental

OK, this one is the last one, we promise. It's the best one, though, as Drake decided to go for the GTC drop-top, in white, making it as cool as he is. Again, we're not jealous.

18. Plies Maserati Quattroporte

Plies (or 'Piles' as dyslexics accidentally call him) didn't want to follow the crowd and went for this exquisite Quttoporte. Although, this car wouldn't help piles as it's more of a four-door uncomfy supercar rather than a big wafter.

17. Chris Brown's Porsche Panamera

Here's a much better looking Panamera for you that's more dignified (for a big Porsche anyway) than the Game's plus has a set of cool blue alloys. But quit painting your roofs black, people! Looks nasty.

16. Drumma Boy's Chevrolet Camaro

Apparently, this is a Halloween-themed Chevrolet Camaro belonging to Drumma Boy. You usually see orange cars with black wheels but the opposite actually looks weirdly good, too.

15. Ice-T's Mercedes SL

This car has two purposes. The first is the bragging right figures against his fellow 'homies', and the second is to quickly catch up with crims somewhat discreetly when working for the Special Victims Unit.

14. Jay-Z's Mercedes S-Class

If you really want to be discreet, then the S-Class is the perfect companion. To the average eye it's just a Mercedes, but to the passengers inside, it's something very special.

13. Lil Bow Wow's Rolls Royce Phantom

What did you get for your 23rd birthday? Plenty of rounds from the mates? Some extra dosh? Lil Bow Wow got a Phantom! Lil jammy bastard, more like!

12. Lil Boosie's Chevrolet Camaro SS

Essentially, what Lil Boosie has bought is Bumblebee with some really cool shoes on. 22s again. Your feet have grown, Bumblebee.

11. Young Jeezy's Ferrari California

Another Ferrari for your viewing pleasure. This time it's Young Jeezy's California finished in black with yellow alloys. Imagine the 458 or F12 in that combination.

10. Timbaland's Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

The Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead has been labeled the coolest car in the world by James May. Mind you, Timbaland is quite short. I think the windscreen is taller than him. Not so cool.

9. Nelly's Ford Mustang

That is one beefed up Mustang! Just like its owner, it seems it has spent most of its time working out in the gym. Either that or it's full of steroids. We suspect the latter. Have you ever seen cars go to gyms anyway!?

8. Professor Green's Mercedes C63 AMG

We know, not strictly his but he did manage to get his hands on one again for the Relentless drinks advert on t'telly. We reckon he wants his own very badly. So do we.

7. Gucci Manes Ferrari 458

Unlike T-Pain's Fiat 500, this Gucci doesn't do designer handbags and all that stuff. He just wants a Ferrari 458 with everything in yellow.

6. Dappy's Rolls Royce Phantom

Dappy doesn't drive but as he is very famous all he has to do to get around is get the phone out and the white Phantom will be there for him and his crew in no time. We wouldn't mind that super power ourselves.

5. Sean Kingston's Bentley Mulsanne

'Success' was the caption below this photo when Sean Kingston uploaded it to Instagram. 'Damn you' was the reaction from many lads around the world.

4. T.I's Rolls Royce Ghost

As the very bright white Mulsanne kept blinding pedestrians, T.I decided he shouldn't drive the big Bentley so much. So he bought a black Rolls Royce Ghost for evening jaunts.

3. Birdman's Mercedes Sprinter

A trend that has been started by Justin Bieber it seems. Birdman (a now previous owner of the Maybach Exelero we believe) bought himself a big Mercedes van then spent £300,000 turning it into a luxury bus. Still better value than the big Roller in theory.

2. Timati's Lamborghini Murcielago SV

Russian rapper Timanti treated himself to the Lamborghini Murcielago SV, the last hurrah before it got replaced by the all new Aventador. Great success!

1. Akon's Spyker C8

The number one spot had to be this purchase by Akon. Under the bonnet is Audi's 4.2-litre V8, yet the rest of the car didn't have any of the usual German soullessness. Well done to Akon for not putting stupid gold wraps on it or turning it pink.

Any motors here that you particularly like? Or have any of them offended you in any way? Hit us up!


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