Top 5 'Reasonably Priced' Rental Cars For Ultimate Holiday Hooning

Got a holiday coming up? Need one of the world's fastest cars to get you around? Step this way, sir...

TG Trailer Toyota Auris

Top Gear series 20: how we welcomed it back with open arms last night. If you saw it, you're probably up for hooning the "fastest car in the world" - a hire car. Inspired by Clarkson's antics, here are five of the finest holiday rental cars you can get your hands on for rock-bottom prices (except one!).

5. Fiat Panda

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The most popular rental car (and one of the cheapest to borrow) is the Panda, the neglected sibling of the Fiat 500. The thing is, the 500 is too precious to even get finger marks on. The Panda on the other hand is so unloved that rental desks will give you the keys to one for around £37.67 a day. It'll come with a wheezy 1.2, but it's composed enough to be driven flat-out 100 per cent of the time. Get the new 4x4 version and you'll be able to hoon as the crow flies!

4. Chevrolet Matiz

(NetCarShow) (NetCarShow)

Amazingly, car hire garages still stock the little old Matiz for those cash-strapped holiday makers. If you want to do some completely insane hooning with little or no consequence, this is the hire car for you. Upwards of £36.29 gets you the frugal 800cc version, which achieves 54 to the gallon (easily halved during a holiday hoon), but which also takes nearly 22 seconds to go from 0-62mph.

3. Mini Cooper S Convertible

Mini Cooper S Convertible (Mini)

From as little as £108,you too can hire the legend that is the Mini. The Cooper S model is a nippy and fashionable holiday companion, capable of covering the 0-62mph sprint in 7.3 seconds. Open-top hooning? Approved!

2. Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Benz Vito (Auto Guide) (Auto Guide)

What if you have to drive yourself and eight buddies to a summer festival in style? The car hire desk has an answer to that with the Mercedes Vito people carrier. Amazingly, the gangster van/minicab with the three-pointed star and a 207bhp diesel is available to hire for the day from just £122. That's much, much less than nine long distance train tickets and far more entertaining.

1. Bugatti Veyron

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Buying a Bugatti Veyron is no more than a pipe-dream for the majority of us, but if you've been saving hard, renting the world's fastest car is doable...ish. While a new Vauxhall Astra Tech Line (Top Gear's new reasonably priced car) costs from £17,000 to buy, you can get your hands on the 1001hp legend for the day, for just £16,500!

Treat it like Clarkson's holiday bitch, however, and the rental agreement's terms and conditions clearly state that your ass is theirs. Expect a colossal bollocking if you leave it running in the streets of London.

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