There’s Another R35 Nissan GT-R, But Is It The Last?

With the Nissan GT-R set for an 18th year of production, Japan will be getting an updated version for the 2025 model year. This time, it could be the last
MY2025 Nissan GT-R Premium, front
MY2025 Nissan GT-R Premium, front

Yes, we’ve been here before. There’s another version of the R35 Nissan GT-R and yes, we’ll tentatively speculate this time could be the last. With a new version coming to Japan, it’s guaranteed that Godzilla will enter an 18th year of production but, this time, it really could be the end.

At this point, it’s hard to get your hands on a brand-new R35 GT-R outside of Japan. Stricter emissions killed it off a couple of years ago for us in Europe, while in Australia - where the GT-R nameplate made a name in motorsport - crash regulations have brought its demise down under. You can still order one in the US, but it’s unclear if this new version will find its way to the ‘States.

So what exactly is new for the R35 for the 2025 model year? Admittedly, not a huge amount. T-Spec and Track Edition models will gain a few engine revisions found in the Nismo, namely the crankshaft, con rods and piston rings. There’ll also be a gold plaque within the engine bay. Fancy.

MY2025 Nissan GT-R Premium, interior
MY2025 Nissan GT-R Premium, interior

Go for the ‘entry-level’ Premium version of the R35 and you’ll also now have the option of a light blue interior for the first time in the sports car. That’ll add £100,000 to second-hand prices in about 30 years, then.

According to Japanese publication Mag X, this will also be the last R35. It claims Nissan has told Japanese dealers that the GT-R will no longer be built due to its ability to keep producing parts rather than for any regulatory reason, and will be limited to just 1,500 units in its final year. Nissan’s press release for the MY2025 car neither confirmed nor denied either of these claims.

It’s still unclear if an R36 will ever happen, although it’s almost certain there’ll be a lengthy gap between it and the R35 if one arrives. Last year, Nissan revealed the Hyper Force concept which had blurred-out GT-R badges, giving more than a hint of what could come in the future.

MY2025 Nissan GT-R Premium, rear
MY2025 Nissan GT-R Premium, rear

Though it’s incredibly unlikely the Hyper Force will enter production as-is, there’s a chance a derivative could become reality by 2030. In January 2024, Giovanny Arroba, Nissan programme design director told Autocar that it was “a tangible dream to achieve by the end of the decade”.

In the meantime, appreciate the R35 while it’s still alive. And if you are desperate for something new, the Artisan GT-R might just fill the R36-shaped hole for the time being. 


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