This Suzuki Superbike-Engined Citroen C2 Is Small And Furious

This tiny but fierce silhouette hill climb car has a mid-mounted Suzuki GSXR-1000
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Citroen‘s Saxo-replacing C2 is already in danger of becoming a forgotten supermini, but one hill climb team in Croatia has made a version that’s a little more memorable.

Only thing is, it’s not really a C2 at all - it’s a silhouette racer built by Davor and Luka Fabijančić for the Croatian Formula Driver Championship. Under its panels - the majority of which look to be new, lightweight replacements - is a spaceframe chassis. Mounted in the middle is a Suzuki GSX-R1000 inline-four bike engine, producing 200bhp at 11,000rpm. Oh yes.

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Since the whole package weighs just 620kg, the ‘C2’ absolutely flies. After seeing the revisited C2 footage posted up this week by YouTube channel HillClimb Monsters (a CT favourite), we had a quick search and found an onboard video posted by Luka Fabijančić a few years ago. As you’d expect, it’s quite something.

If this is your cup of tea, you might also enjoy a Suzuki Hayabusa-engined Toyota Startlet we looked at a few years ago, and also a Hayabusa V8-powered Fiat 500 video from a few weeks back.


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