Stellantis Won't Be Killing Off Chrysler After All

The forming of automotive giant Stellantis was expected to mean the end for Chrysler, but bosses remain committed to the ailing brand
Stellantis Won't Be Killing Off Chrysler After All

With no less than 14 brands to manage under its portfolio, newly formed Stellantis has one hell of a juggling act on its hands. It’s been widely anticipated that the auto giant - formed by the joining of FCA and PSA - would rid itself of excess baggage, but thus far, the most likely targets seem to be safe.

One thought to be under threat was Chrysler. Its line-up consists of just three cars: the Pacifica and Voyager minivans plus the 300C saloon, the latter effectively a 16-year-old vehicle. Sales in the US market last year reached just 110,000, about a third of its 2015 results. Sister brand Jeep, meanwhile, shifted nearly 800,000 vehicles in 2020. And yet, Chrysler is to live on.

Stellantis Won't Be Killing Off Chrysler After All

In a virtual media roundtable, Stellantis Carlos Tavares referred to Chrysler as “one of the three pillars, which represents the foundation of Stellantis”. He added, “I would feel uncomfortable to think that for one of those three pillars we don’t have a clear vision and destination for the brand”.

A rebirth for Chrysler is on the cards, and Tavares’ further comments bolster theories about the brand pivoting to electric-only in the near future. “It is an opportunity for us to make the brand rebound…We do not forget that Chrysler was in the past the expression of the automotive American technology, the best technology available at that point in time,” he said, adding that one way to do this would be with “zero-emission vehicles”. He did, however, note that “we have concluded anything so far”.

Stellantis Won't Be Killing Off Chrysler After All

Dodge has been seen as another at-risk Stellantis brand. Sales fared better than Chrysler’s with 267,000 vehicles shifted last year, but like it has the same problem of a shrinking, ageing line-up. Tavares is committed to the 121-year-old American icon, however, even if there are question marks as to how Dodge’s reliance on rumbly V8s will be broached when such powerplants cease to be viable. “It’s something we have to work on. There are solutions for that,” he said.

The most likely victim of all in any streamlining efforts was, we thought, Lancia. It makes just the one car, the near-prehistoric Ypsilon, which is only sold in Italy. Against all odds, the once-great Italian brand remains safe too.

Stellantis Won't Be Killing Off Chrysler After All

Last week, we learned that a grand rebirth is planned for Lancia, which will involve products jointly developed with Alfa Romeo and DS. According to DS product director Marion David, this will mean the sharing of “common premium features including drivetrains that would separate them from mainstream Stellantis brands such as Peugeot”. So, how about a rear-drive, Giorgio-platformed stunner with an HF-badged version in the line-up, Stellantis?



It will be an odd thing seeing a full electric Chrysler in the future, yes they have already a hybrid, but on the meantime I really hope to see the exercise of a Hellcat Pacifica, yes, it may sound like a wild dream but I bet it would be a huge success in the US, and to keep the brand’s sedan, a last redesign of the 300C (with a Hellcat of course) then a revival of the Saratoga/Spirit/Acclaim or New Yorker maybe using the European platforms to have them as a worldwide option, I truly liked the 200 but with all the things said, followed by a bad reputation I don’t consider it for the next 10 years at least.

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I’m glad Chrysler is living on, wish they would make some big comeback

02/12/2021 - 23:07 |
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