The Skoda Enyaq vRS Is Being Turned Into A Concept Race Car

Design sketches preview what will become a working concept car with a rather large wing
Skoda Enyaq RS Race concept - front
Skoda Enyaq RS Race concept - front

Skoda seems to be getting properly serious about electric performance. It’s only been a week since we saw its Vision Gran Turismo car, and now it’s teasing us with another race-inspired electric concept, although this one won’t be quite as far-fetched.

It’s the Enyaq RS Race concept and will be based on the roadgoing Enyaq Coupe vRS (Skoda’s performance badge in mainland Europe is simply ‘RS’). According to Skoda Motorsport boss Michal Hrabánek, it sets out to prove that “motorsport not only enhances the brand’s emotional impact but also contributes valuable experiences and technologies to upcoming Skoda road models.”

We’re not sure how many of these ‘experiences and technologies’ are visible on these initial design sketches of the Enyaq RS Race, mind: the front end features a big splitter, flared arches, a NACA duct in the roof and what looks like some proper race-spec quick-release bonnet latches.

We also get a look at the rear, which includes an enormous diffuser, some ’80s-tastic louvres and a socking great rear wing that looks like it’s off one of Skoda’s old WRC cars. In fact, Skoda’s senior designer, Daniel Petr, specifically namechecks the current Fabia Rally2, which competes one class below the WRC’s current top-flight, as providing the aerodynamic inspiration for the concept.

Skoda Enyaq RS Race concept - rear
Skoda Enyaq RS Race concept - rear

We can’t see the interior, but Skoda confirms it features a full roll cage and five-point harnesses all around.

Petr says the Enyaq RS Race will go on to be a real car, one that’s “lower, wider, lighter and most importantly more dynamic” than its roadgoing counterpart. What it probably won’t be is one we’ll be able to buy any time soon, but we certainly won’t complain about any of its DNA showing up in future vRS models.

No word yet on when the finished article will be revealed, but we’ll bring you more when we have it.


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