Saab Is Back From The Dead And Rolling Off The Production Line

New 9-3s are now rolling off the production line as Saab's weird rebirth continues

CT Saab NEVS 2

If you're a Saab fan, it's time to rejoice. Sort of. After a couple of prototype versions rolled off the assembly line in September, production of the Swedish car maker's 9-3 model - which is already 11 years old - has now restarted at the Trollhättan factory.

CT Saab NEVS 1

As you may remember hearing, however, Saab's resurrection at the hands of new owner NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) isn't all that straightforward. For now the cars that leave the factory will come with the 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine Saab used before it went bust. But from next year, NEVS will drop the petrol version and only produce an all-electric model.


The 'leccy 9-3 will be initially aimed at the Chinese market. These 9-3s will be badged as Saabs, but NEVS isn't allowed to rename itself Saab, or use the famous Griffin logo. Confused? You should be.


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