Production Spec For KAMManufaktur Restomod 912c Announced

The KAMM 912c restomod is a 750kg racing machine paired with impressive performance upgrades for the track.
Production Spec For KAMManufaktur Restomod 912c Announced

Following the successful reveal of its prototype 912c last year, KAMM has announced its final production spec for the restomod. The road legal vehicle weighs in at 750kg wet and its 2.0-liter JPS Aircooled engine delivers 190hp and 168lb ft of torque. A reinforced chassis and semi-carbon body helps to keep the car light, making it ideal for the road and track.

The fast road spec is also paired with a five-speed gearbox with optional close ratios for motorsport use, a ZF Limited Slip Differential and a Porsche aluminium, hydraulic, racing clutch. For the best track experience, the car is on semi-active front and rear coilovers, fitted with an AP Racing braking system and comes with three wheel options: the 3-piece 917 style, steel-look alloy or heritage Fuchs, with either off-road tires or Yokohama semi-slicks.

Production Spec For KAMManufaktur Restomod 912c Announced

There’s a choice of seats depending on where the KAMM 912c will spend most of its time, carbon fiber seats, period bucket seats or KAMM comfort seats can be specified. To keep the weight down and add to the aesthetic it gets lightweight carpeting and carbon fiber trim. Modern touches include electronic air-conditioning and an AP Racing pedal box.

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KAMManufaktur Founder Miklós Kázmér said, “I am delighted to present the production specification KAMM 912c to the world. To receive such high praise for our prototype was a proud moment for us, and we feel confident the production specification will be equally well received. The 912c is designed to be as usable as a modern car but retains the driving experience of a classic racing car. We provide reliability and performance with the analogue feel you would expect from a sports car of the sixties, and this makes it unique in the restomod sector.”

Production Spec For KAMManufaktur Restomod 912c Announced

Thanks to the upgraded specification, the 2023 KAMM 912c is priced from €360,000 (around $391,400 or £313,100). But if a customer has their own 912 donor car, the price drops to €320,000 (around $348,000 or £278,300). Production began in January 2023 and there’s now just two build slots left this year.


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