Pirelli engineer tells F1 drivers to "change the way you drive"

A row over tyre blankets becoming banned is brewing in Formula 1 - and now Pirelli have fired back at unhappy drivers.
Pirelli engineer tells F1 drivers to

F1 wants to ban the use of tyre warmers from 2024 on sustainability grounds and, while the intention still requires a vote before it is signed off, it has upset some high-profile drivers.

Mercedes’ George Russell said: “I don’t think we as a sport are at a position to bring these tyres into a racing scenario.”

Pirelli have responded in the escalating row.

“Obviously drivers need to think about the fact that not using the blankets is different than today, so they need to approach the out-lap in a different way,” Pirelli engineer Simone Berra said.

“In cold conditions, it could be trickier to bring the tyres up to temperature but it’s just a matter of doing the first portion of the lap [cautiously].

“In the first sector, generally we can see much more difference compared to other sectors because already sector 2 and 3 are in line with the laptimes with the blankets, so it’s just a matter of managing the first few corners.

“But in terms of safety, I don’t see from the data any specific risk.

“You need to change the way you are driving in the first lap, you have to adapt the driving style to protect the tyres because you can generate graining if you push too much in the first corners and the tyres are not up to temperature.

“I respect driver opinion, that’s for sure, but obviously there will be differences compared to the old product and the [current] tyre management.”


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