This Is Not A Real Ferrari 296 GTB

It's actually a stunningly detailed 1:8 model from Amalgam. And an expensive one at that - it costs £10,025
This Is Not A Real Ferrari 296 GTB

Although this might look like a real Ferrari 296 GTB at first glance, it isn’t. It’s actually a 1:8 scale model from Amalgam, whose ridiculously detailed work we’ve covered before.

The hand-built mini 296 was developed with co-operation from Ferrari, which supplied imagery, drawings and even the CAD data for the real deal. To ensure what it came up with was bang on the money, Amalgam sent a development model to Ferrari’s engineering and design teams to “ensure complete accuracy of representation”.

This Is Not A Real Ferrari 296 GTB

It’s made up of thousands of parts - some cast, some photo-etched, some CNC machined. Development time weighed in at over 3000 hours, while each one takes about 300 hours to build “by a small team of craftsmen”. The finished product is 57cm long and is nicely exclusive - as with a lot of Amalgam’s models, production is capped at just 199 units.

This Is Not A Real Ferrari 296 GTB

It’ll be a damn sight cheaper than buying a full-size, £230,000 Ferrari 296, but as far as models go, Amalgam’s is enormously expensive. You’re looking at £10,025, although the company will accept four interest-free payments. How kind.

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Should you have a real 296 and want a smaller facsimile to display in the house, Amalgam also offers a bespoke service to ensure the model matches your chosen spec exactly.

This Is Not A Real Ferrari 296 GTB

Lacking shelf space? A 1:12 scale model is currently undergoing development, bespoke versions of which will only be available via Ferrari.


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