New 300bhp NC Mazda MX-5 Supercharger Kit Arrives

BBR GTI is offering a pair of supercharger kits for the third-gen MX-5 - one producing 250bhp, and the other up to 300
New 300bhp NC Mazda MX-5 Supercharger Kit Arrives

If you want to extract significant power gains from the NC Mazda MX-5’s inline-four, turbocharging is generally seen as the way to go. Supercharger options are few and far between, but now, veteran Mazda fettlers BBR GTI has a couple of new kits.

Well, they’re not entirely new. Rather than develop a supercharger solution from scratch to fit in the NC’s tightly packed engine bay, BBR deemed that the ideal answer was already out there via a company called Corten-Miller. So, BBR bought the rights to the kit for further development with its own hardware and software tweaks.

New 300bhp NC Mazda MX-5 Supercharger Kit Arrives

As a result, there are now two packs including everything you need for supercharged NC glory. Both feature a Rotrex C30-94 centrifugal supercharger (so no - it won’t whine) and various BBR parts including an oil cooler, cold air intake system, front-mounted intercooler and dump valve.

The Stage 1 version is £5994 fully fitted at BBR’s Brackley HQ or £4914 in hardware only form for competent home mechanics and export customers. It bumps the NC’s output to an impressive 250bhp and the torque to 213lb ft, dropping the 0-60mph time to 5.3 seconds.

New 300bhp NC Mazda MX-5 Supercharger Kit Arrives

Stage 2 includes all of the above plus a BBR fuel module, NGK iridium spark plugs and a fuel filter. It’s good for 300bhp, unlocking a 4.8-second 0-60mph time. It costs £7194 fitted or £5754 for the hardware only. Whichever you go for, an uprated exhaust manifold is needed, which will cost you an extra £500. DIY customers can also spec BBR software with their kits for a little extra.

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Fully uncorked, the supercharger is good for over 400bhp, although that power level would require forged internals to be reliably achieved.

New 300bhp NC Mazda MX-5 Supercharger Kit Arrives

BBR’s Neil McKay has this to say about the new supercharger kits:

“A later Mazda MX-5 Mk 3.5 NC model with either the BBR Stage One or Stage Two supercharger upgrade will offer incomparable levels of old-school rear-wheel drive performance for under £20,000 on the road, including the purchase of the base car. At that price point there is very little that come close in levels of pure driver excitement.”

Sound like something you want to do? Be sure to read our in-depth NC MX-5 buyer’s guide before you snap up your Miata mod canvas.



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