Manhart Thinks The BMW M2 Is Ugly, Says 552bhp MH2 560 Makeover Will Sort It

Tuner Manhart has wasted no time in coming up with a lairy makeover for the latest M2
Manhart Thinks The BMW M2 Is Ugly, Says 552bhp MH2 560 Makeover Will Sort It

The news of the latest G87 BMW M2 is still hot off the press, but Manhart’s already set to work giving the German automaker’s last fully ICE M-car an eye catching makeover and performance hike after release acknowledges “overly negative” reactions to the latest M2’s release.

Manhart says it’s ready to sort out the M2’s ‘fearless, but daring design’ and put its own stamp on it. In official statements, the BMW tuner remarks that “the golden Manhart decal set draws all the attention away from the highly discussed front and rear design,” and should, “emphasize your first impression on the strengths of the new MH2 560, which are its enhanced stance, sound track and immense performance potential.”

The standard M2’s 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged straight-six engine is already capable of an impressive 454bhp and 405lb ft of torque – that’s an output figure of 90bhp more than the first-generation M2 and 50bhp more than its Competition variant. Manhart says the MH2 560 will be its own interpretation of an M-car, and plans to up the car’s power to an even more extreme 552bhp and increase torque to 479lb ft.

Manhart Thinks The BMW M2 Is Ugly, Says 552bhp MH2 560 Makeover Will Sort It

The upgrades will include a new stainless steel exhaust system with valve control and downpipes with or without catalytic converters. Manhart particulate filter delete pipes with 200 cells catalytic converters and optional four x 100mm carbon or ceramic-coated tailpipes will also be available.

The MH2 560 will also come with some handling upgrades. The car’s stance will be tweaked with a choice between a full coilover suspension setup or lowering springs.

To go with the black and gold colour scheme, the Manhart MH2 560 will sit on a set of Manhart Concave One wheels finished in matt black with the tuner’s signature golden pinstripe. There’s also plenty of exterior carbon upgrades, including a carbon rear spoiler, roof spoiler, rear diffuser and carbon additions to the bodykit all-round, plus a racing-car-style rear light that sits between the tailpipes.

The Manhart MH2 560 looks pretty aggressive in these renders and should have the performance credentials to be it, too. That said, if you’re not a fan of the upcoming M2’s looks, are its stripes enough to distract you from them as Manhart seems to be claiming?



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