Koenigsegg Could Start Making 'Normal' Cars In The Future

Christian von Koenigsegg told us recently that the incredible technology his team is developing could trickle down into 'normal' cars, either under a new sub-brand or in other manufacturers' cars
Koenigsegg Could Start Making 'Normal' Cars In The Future

Koenigsegg is world-renowned for its wonderfully expensive hypercars, but in the future, the technologies that it has pioneered could find their way into more humble vehicles.

Christian von Koenigsegg, the company’s founder and mastermind behind its success, told us recently that "within our company there could be room to start utilising all the technological developments we have created, and trickle them down into more normal cars."

But before you start getting excited at the prospect of taking your family to the shops in a barmy Koenigsegg hot hatch, any sensible cars developed by the brand would likely wear a different name: "I think the brand Koenigsegg should stay in this rarified area and make these extreme machines and keep on pushing the limit," however he mentioned that a new sub-brand within the company could be the answer, as could a collaboration with other manufacturers.

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Christian von Koenigsegg is well known for his revolutionary thinking; the Regera, for example, utilises a hybrid petrol-electric system, but uses a direct drive system that does without the traditional gearbox. With the majority of manufacturers using hybrid technology in their cars, future versions of Koenigsegg’s system could be transferred to economy models.

While discussing where von Koenigsegg sees the next technological developments happening, he said:

"Now that we are going hybrid - even though I don’t really like hybrids as they have been up until now with the complexity and weight and so on - but now that we’re integrating electrical motors and battery technology to our cars, I think where the biggest opportunity is is in still developing the combustion engine, but also getting the batteries much lighter, more efficient and more powerful."

Koenigsegg Could Start Making 'Normal' Cars In The Future

While most mainstream manufacturers press on with slightly improved versions of ancient technology, it’s great to see the likes of Christian von Koenigsegg trying to rewrite what we think we know about car technology. And the fact that he’d like to see his tech trickle down into the lives of us normal folk is all the more admirable.


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