Jump-Filled Gymkhana 2022 Might Just Be The Best Yet

Travis Pastrana shreds rubber and gets some bonkers airtime in the latest Gymkhana video
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Christmas has come early for lovers of tyre smoke and jumps, with Gymkhana 2022 noisily landing on YouTube this week. Ken Block is busy burning rubber in Audi EVs (make sure you watch Electrikhana, if you somehow missed that), so the job once again goes to Travis Pastrana, and my word, has he and the Hoonigan crew pulled something spectacular out of the bag.

It’s best we let the Florida-shot video speak for itself rather than waffle on too much, but suffice to say there’s plenty of extreme stunt silliness including doughnuting around a monster truck while it does an extended stoppie and riding over barriers like the 862bhp 1983 Subaru ‘Family Huckster’ GL Wagon a damn skateboard. But the main reason you should tune in? That’d be the jumps.

Jump-Filled Gymkhana 2022 Might Just Be The Best Yet

There are a couple of particularly hairy moments of airtime, including one with a sketchy, nose-heaving landing which from the cockpit looks like the start of a massive accident. In fact, there’s a general sense of the star car of this effort being hammered harder than we’ve ever seen in a Gymkhana video before.

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As much as we love the Ken Block classics, all of the different elements come together here to make what might just be the best Gymkhana yet. We don’t even mind the Subaru WRX advert tacked on the end, as it’s done with great humour and awesome driving. Sensitive viewers may wish to exit after that’s done, however, as the video concludes with footage of Pastrana hitting the deck pretty hard during his February BASE jumping accident. It’s not a pretty sight…


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