Jaguar Could Be An All-Electric Brand Within 10 Years

Jaguar's product planning people have reportedly come up with a proposal that could see the brand rapidly transform into one that only makes EVs
Jaguar Could Be An All-Electric Brand Within 10 Years

That Jaguar is reportedly mulling over a switch to being an electric-only brand isn’t exactly surprising. All major car companies, after all, will surely have to do this at some point. However, it’s looking like the ‘some point’ might be much closer for the British brand than its competitors.

Autocar reports that Jaguar Land Rover’s strategy people have put together a proposal that would see all its internal combustion-engined cars die out by around 2027, to be replaced with a stable of fully-electric vehicles.

An all-electric replacement for the Jaguar XJ has been rumoured for some time
An all-electric replacement for the Jaguar XJ has been rumoured for some…

Of the current range, the ageing XJ will be the first for the chop, and that car has long been rumoured to be in line for an all-electric successor anyway. The XE and XF will be the next to go in the early 2020s, with Autocar speculating that both could be replaced by a single EV crossover.

The fresher F-Pace and E-Pace models would be taken off the line-up slightly later, probably around the same time as the F-Type, for which - rumour has it - there’s currently no replacement planned. So we’d be in line for - you guessed it - another EV crossover or two, and potentially a Tesla Roadster rival as an indirect F-Type successor.

Jaguar reportedly doesn't have a successor for the F-Type planned right now
Jaguar reportedly doesn't have a successor for the F-Type planned right now

The J-Pace enormo-SUV would end up being the last ICE-powered Jaguar ever produced, should the transformation plan go ahead. It won’t be launched until 2021, so it will likely stay in the range until 2017 or 2018.

All sounds quite radical, but it’s something Jaguar may have to do, given the firm’s current situation. It banked on heavy investment in the Ingenium diesel engine family paying off, only for growing mistrust in the fuel put a sizeable spanner in the works. Plus, sales figures for the XE and XF saloons have tanked lately, hence why both cars may end up with crossover replacements.

Falling sales, the mass consumer shunning of diesel and uncertainty surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union have led to workers at Jaguar’s Castle Bromwich factory being forced to work a three day week until Christmas, while the company’s Solihull facility will be shut down for two weeks later in October.

Jaguar Could Be An All-Electric Brand Within 10 Years

From a petrolhead’s perspective, it seems odd to contemplate Jaguar not having snarling V6 and V8 engines in its portfolio, but the future for shoutier Jags was looking dicey anyway. The contract with Ford to produce these bigger petrol units will expire in 2020, and it’s currently unclear what the replacements will be, if indeed there are any. It was thought a few years ago that Jaguar would produce a straight-six using Ingenium architecture, but no such engine has emerged.



Please no, the engine noise from the F-Type is orgasmic

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DanCal22 (*insert car model/brand* squad) (Twingo gang) (Gan

No more legendary Jaguar V12s? :-:

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I hope that most companies rather than go full ev can have maybe 1 or 2 hybrid sports cars with the same tech as the regeara

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It’s better than the disgrace of fitting the cars with 3- & 4-cylinders

10/12/2018 - 14:42 |
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The 4 cylinders jaguar using sound quite good from what I’ve heard

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It’s the way to go people..

10/12/2018 - 14:52 |
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Assimilate, assimilate!

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In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Since electric cars are of human creation and think that they are better than normal cars

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10 years from now jaguar might be called “meow” if they go all-electric

10/12/2018 - 15:28 |
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Bring a Caterham To MARS

Fun fact: no

10/12/2018 - 15:36 |
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TheMiataBoi (formally TheTunerGuy)


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Racing Prius (No Character limit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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