HKS Has Already Supercharged The New Toyota GR86

The Japanese tuner has wasted no time in overhauling the new GR86, adding a supercharger, new suspension and more
HKS Has Already Supercharged The New Toyota GR86

The Toyota GR86 was only revealed a couple of months ago, but already, HKS has radically overhauled the GT86 replacement. The headline part is a new ‘GT2’ supercharger unit, looking particularly resplendent with its carbon-clad inlet manifold.

Judging by the kit HKS made for the GT86, this new one should see the standard 232bhp output of the 2.4-litre boxer shoot up to well beyond 300. The reworked flat-four breathes out of an HKS Hi-Poler Spec L II lightweight exhaust system with neat blue titanium tips and drives the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox with an LA twin-plate clutch.

HKS Has Already Supercharged The New Toyota GR86

On suspension duties is a set of the HKS Hipermax S coilovers said to provide “the best ride in HKS suspension history”. Also on the chassis front are Yokohama Advan GT wheels matched with Yokohama Advan Neova tyres plus some uprated brakes. The latter element hasn’t been detailed and we can’t quite see what the stoppers are from the images, but we do know they’re finished in a similar shade of blue to the exhaust tips. Neat!

HKS Has Already Supercharged The New Toyota GR86

For the bodywork, HKS added a dramatic body kit headlined by a massive, high-level rear wing. There’s also a carbon fibre ducktail spoiler and carbon canards front and rear plus some new side skirts. All of this adds up to one mean-looking, quite clearly track-ready GR86.

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Since all of this stuff is still under development, none of it is available to order just yet. It serves as a tantalising preview, though, both of what HKS has up its sleeve and what other tuning houses might come up with for Toyota‘s new sports car.

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