GMC’s Recall Fix For The Terrain Is Just A Piece Of Tape

Owners have been left frustrated after the recall fix for the GMC Terrain’s overly bright headlights turned out to be a piece of tape
GMC’s Recall Fix For The Terrain Is Just A Piece Of Tape

GMC Terrain owners have been left understandably frustrated after their cars were recalled over headlights deemed overly bright by the ​​National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US. Glare from the car’s headlights could dazzle oncoming drivers and increase the risk of a crash. As a fix, GMC recalled cars from model years 2010-2017 to fit an ‘appliqué’ to the headlights to reduce the glare.

GMC says the ‘appliqué’ will “ensure the headlamps do not exceed the 125cd limit” for brightness. Problem is, said ‘appliqué’ is essentially what owners are describing as a frosted transparent sticker or something resembling transparent sticky tape.


GMC was reportedly reluctant to offer a fix in the first place when the NHTSA pulled them up on the dazzling issue, and the carmaker tried to fight against issuing the recall on the grounds that it wasn’t unsafe. After that appeal was denied by the NHTSA, GMC has clearly just tried to remedy the issue with a literal band-aid solution…

According to Tire Meets Road, the process involves cleaning the headlights with alcohol, then using a template to fit the ‘appliqué’ accurately. The fix reportedly takes just 12 minutes to complete at the dealership, but owners are unhappy with the results.

GMC’s Recall Fix For The Terrain Is Just A Piece Of Tape

Plenty of affected drivers have been posting on the GMC Terrain Owners & Fans Facebook group to vent their frustrations. Many owners have accused the manufacturer of being cheap with the fix, expecting the company to change the lights. One group member said “this is not a permanent fix, and it’s unprofessional and ridiculous.” Many more have said they’ll be removing the sticker themselves as it won’t last anyway.

Car Throttle has reached out to GM for a response to customers’ gripes and are yet to hear back. Are owners right to be frustrated, or do you think a sticker on the headlights is a legitimate fix for the issue?


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