36 Drivers All Get Flat Tyres Simultaneously On California Highway

Dozens of drivers all had a frustrating morning commute when they got flat tyres at the same time
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Getting a flat tyre can be a massively frustrating experience, especially if you’re on your morning commute. Unfortunately, that was the case for 36 motorists who all got a puncture simultaneously on the 405 Freeway near Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

In a video taken from ABC news above, some of the cars can be seen lined up on the side of the Californian highway. Some drivers are shown attempting to change their own tyres. Of course, these days most cars don’t even come with a spare, so many will have had little choice but to wait for a fleet of breakdown recovery trucks to come and save the day. At least the unlucky 36 had plenty of company during the long wait for assistance.

Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries caused by the mass puncturing. Police believe it may have been caused by a box of nails, wooden blocks or some other debris that could have fallen off a truck, damaging the tyres of the cars driving behind it.

A tyre puncture at speed can be incredibly dangerous, and harrowing experience. A few years back a video surfaced of a Porsche 911 GT2 getting a flat tyre while going over 200mph on the German Autobahn. It’s anxiety-inducing enough just watching the video, but the driver manages to keep control and stay calm and collected throughout the ordeal.

Let’s hope the 36 cars on the Californian highway can get their tyres sorted fairly easily – tyre shops in the area will likely be rubbing their hands together given this unexpected surge in business…



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