Ferrari 308 With 1000hp Honda Engine: Epic Engine Swap Or Sacrilege?

It might seem like an awful marriage but just wait until you hear it on the track
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No matter which side of the fence you sit on, there’s no denying this Ferrari 308 is an insane track machine. Mike from StanceWorks has spent two and a half years creating this Italian-Japanese fusion build. He decided the Ferrari 308 GTBi was “underpowered, overweight, and overpriced,” so he set about to fix this by engine swapping it for a 1000hp turbocharged Honda K24 unit.

Taking inspiration from Time Attack cars, the aim was to make the car lighter and faster, so weight was cut down to 1180kg. Mike fabricated the bodywork to achieve a wider stance, including flared fenders, side skirts and a huge rear wing. Inside, it’s fitted with a full roll cage, racing seats and a stripped back interior with only essential equipment to keep tabs on temperature levels, revs and speed.

StanceWorks Youtube
StanceWorks Youtube

StanceWorks’ latest video shows the Ferrari getting out on the track for the first time at Buttonwillow Raceway. A couple of warm up laps gave Mike the chance to get used to the track and experience the new found Honda power behind this 308. Its track capabilities are matched by an awesome soundtrack, similar to an unmuffled turbocharged S2000. The car was capable of lapping in the region of 1.58 before the engine started to lose power.

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Thankfully, it was nothing major. An HD clamp came loose and ended the shake down testing for the day. Typically, the part that fails is the only spare that isn’t brought to the track, but it’s an inexpensive fix that’s vital for building boost and manifold pressure. With a new HD clamp and a few tweaks, Mike anticipates the 308 will break into the 1.40s at Buttonwillow.


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