TVR Speed 12 Sells At Auction For Record-Breaking £600k

The only Speed 12 made by TVR has set a new record for the most expensive TVR ever at more than £600k.
TVR Speed 12 Sells At Auction For Record-Breaking £600k

The long anticipated sale of the only road-going TVR Speed 12 resulted in its new owner snapping it up for a cool £601,500 (around $750,000). Deemed too powerful to ever make it to production, this one-of-a-kind TVR is fitted with a 7.7-liter engine that was detuned to around 840bhp to be more suitable for the road.

It uses a six-speed manual gearbox and will reach 60mph in under three seconds with swift gear changes. Top speed is estimated to be 240mph but as of yet this hasn’t been tested. Considering it broke a dyno machine when it was first created, you can see why no one’s tried to max out this Speed 12.

TVR Speed 12 Sells At Auction For Record-Breaking £600k

Inside, it’s kitted out with a roll cage and racing seats and it’s got some words of encouragement that pop up on the dash too (some of which are more strongly worded). There’s no lack of character throughout this stunning build so it’s easy to see why bidding stretched into six figures.

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Fingers crossed this isn’t the last we see of this incredible feat of engineering. Hopefully its new owner will get it out on the road, or at the very least a track and maybe even take it to some car shows, but we’ll have to wait and see!



For a car this significant, it’s a bargain. There is nothing else like the Speed 12!

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