Driving Without Air Con On Could Lead To A £5000 Fine

Summer has finally arrived, but not keeping cool inside your car could lead to a hefty fine and penalty points
Driving Without Air Con On Could Lead To A £5000 Fine

As the summer weather has arrived, Confused.com are warning drivers to keep their cars cool or face a fine. The Highway Code states that vehicles must be “well ventilated” this means either having the windows down or air con on. Otherwise, drivers are at risk of becoming drowsy and not actively attempting to ventilate the vehicle could land you with a fine for careless driving. Fines for this kind of offence range from £1000 to £5000 and up to nine penalty points. If you don’t have air con or the heat is just too much, here’s a few ways to keep cool in the hot weather.

Driving Without Air Con On Could Lead To A £5000 Fine

1) Park in the shade
Getting into a cool car gives you a good head start to keep it cool. Try to find a shady spot to park in so the leather seats don’t burn the back of your legs when you get in.

2) Use a windscreen sunshade
If all the shady parking spaces are taken, a windscreen sunshade can keep the worst of the heat off the car.

3) Take a spray bottle
When you get in the car, spay cool water over the seat, steering wheel and dash. Any places that would be too hot to touch will be made a little more bearable and the water will evaporate quickly. And if you get hot you can spray yourself too.

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4) Prepare ice packs
Frozen water bottles or ice packs are great for placing on the back of your neck. A water bottle will also defrost on the journey so you can keep hydrated.

5) Drive with wet hair
Whilst it might make you ill to drive with wet hair in winter, in summer it’s a great way to keep cool.

6) Use a wet cloth
If your air con sucks or you don’t have air con, a damp cloth over the air vents will lower the air temperature. They can dry out pretty quick so it’s a good idea to have a few with you.



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