F1 24 Game: Everything You Need To Know

EA Sport’s annual F1 title is on the way. Here’s everything you need to know
F1 24 Game: Everything You Need To Know

You wait all winter for some Formula One action, and it all comes at once. The new season is kicking off this weekend, a fresh season of Drive To Survive has just landed and now we’ve got confirmation of the newest official game - F1 24.

It’s the 15th consecutive Formula One game to come from Codemasters, now under the stewardship of EA Sports, and the Leamington Spa-based studio has released a teaser trailer and confirmed a release date for 2024’s entry. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

F1 24 game trailer

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There’s very little to dissect from the sole teaser trailer of F1 24. We see an animation of a 2024-spec car cut into b-roll shots of the 2023 season, along with confirmation that a full reveal of the game will follow in April.

We’re not given an exact date to look out for, but we’d expect it to be timed alongside either the Japanese or Chinese Grand Prix, both taking place that month.

F1 24 new features

We’re yet to hear key details features in F1 24, but expect Codemasters to have at least expanded on those available in F1 23. It has confirmed an “overhauled career mode” and a new handling system, though.

We wouldn’t anticipate a new entry into the ‘Braking Point’ story mode series that appeared in the last title, with that second chapter following two years on from the first in F1 21. If another is to come, F1 25 is more likely.

However, it’s likely the F1 World game mode which includes limited-time challenges and real-life scenarios will see some form of expansion too.

F1 24 game release date and pre-order bonuses

F1 24 Game: Everything You Need To Know

Although Codemasters hasn’t revealed too much about F1 24 at this point, it has confirmed it will release on 31 May. That’ll make it the earliest-released F1 game from the studio, which has typically released recent titles in late June. F1 24 will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, S and One plus PC.

You can already pre-order the game, and those going for the Champions Edition will get a heap of bonuses for doing so.

You’ll gain immediate access to 2024 season liveries for the McLaren, Williams, Alpine and Haas in F1 23’s Time Trial mode plus three days early access to F1 24 ahead of its release. In the new game, you’ll also receive two new Icons to hire as teammates in career mode, along with 18,000 bitcoin - the game’s virtual currency - and a bunch of resources for F1 World car development. 


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