Citroen Ami Tries To Takes Monaco Hairpin Like An F1 Car, Fails

A driver of the dinky quadricycle pushed things a little too far on the streets of Monaco

If you thought the Citroen Ami‘s 8bhp output and 28mph top speed make it impossible to get into trouble behind the wheel of the quadricycle, think again. As proven by some particularly committed driving from one individual on the streets of Monaco of all places, it’s perfectly possible to gain viral car-crashing infamy in an Ami.

The driver is shown having a couple of stabs at driving around what becomes the famous Grand Hotel Hairpin during Grand Prix week, first uphill, then down. The latter doesn’t go so well - a mix of excess speed (we can only assume they were maxing out the poor thing) and camber leads to the car tipping onto its side. Thankfully some bollards do a good job of protecting pedestrians on a nearby kerb.

The Ami loses a few bits and pieces - notably a wing mirror - but seems to take its toppling quite well.


Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

Well, this is most definitely a problem Citroen needs to fix. You can’t have a car roll over like that, especially an electric one that has a battery on the floor.

03/17/2023 - 06:22 |
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