Every Car Advert Shown During Super Bowl 2024

It’s almost time for Super Bowl LVIII, which means a flurry of new car adverts inbound. We’ve wrapped all those confirmed
Every Car Advert Shown During Super Bowl 2024

The time of year for gridiron football’s premier event of the season has been and gone, with the Super Bowl LVIII on last night - in case you somehow missed that fact.

Quite frankly, we’re British and don’t really care much for it - after all, there’s minimal kicking involved and it’s more of an egg than a ball anyway. Take your handegg, we’ll stick to real association football. Sorry.

More interesting to us though is the long-standing tradition of big-budget adverts that are shown during the many stoppages in play, and there’s always a guarantee car manufacturers will be in the mix - and 2024 was no exception. Of course, being in the UK, these aren’t broadcast live but the power of the Internet means we can enjoy them anyway. Here’s every car advert shown during  Super Bowl LVIII.


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BMW enlisted Christopher Walken for its big-budget Super Bowl ad this year, leaning so much into his appearance that it centres around anyone the actor meets ‘Talkin’ Like Walken’.

It centres on Walken going about his day, not so subtly in a BMW i5, as everyone he comes across poorly imitates his famous voice. That closes with ‘There’s only one Christopher Walken, and only one Ultimate Driving Machine’, of course.


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We know what you’re thinking, “CT, Kawasaki makes bikes, not cars?” and you’d be right. However, it also sells ATVs, which is the focus of its Super Bowl spot.

In a slightly unusual move, it released its full 45-second advertisement in advance. “Mullets”, as it's titled, shows its Ridge being driving and every living being it comes across growing a mullet in its vicinity - including a tortoise and the dome of Stone Cold Steve Austin.


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Kia Super Bowl advert for the EV9 was the longest car ad of the lot, coming in at 70 seconds. Somehow, the firm has found a way to make it emotional using the SUV’s vehicle-to-load capabilities too.

It doesn’t look to tell us much about the car, as is often the case with these ads, but rather focuses on a young girl putting on a figure skating show for her elderly grandfather and using the EV9 to power surrounding fairy lights and speakers.


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Have you ever thought of another name for a grab handle? No, us neither, but Toyota’s Super Bowl ad ponders several possible alternatives as we watch ‘the most powerful Tacoma ever’ get fully sent.

We’ll let you pick your own favourites, but from now on we’ll be referring to it as the ‘no me gusta handle’. 


Volkswagen decided to use its 2024 Super Bowl spot to focus on its history rather than any one specific car.

With Neil Diamond’s I Am… I Said overlaid, it takes us on a trip through some of VW's biggest models sold in the States before winding up at its newest EVs. 


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