C8 Audi RS6 Pulled From A River After Spending Several Days Under Water

An RS6 that was accidentally driven into a river in Gundelsheim, Germany was recovered after spending the best part of a week in the drink
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You’ll often hear the Audi RS6 Avant referred to as the ‘ultimate all-rounder’. A blend of blistering pace and incredible practicality makes this hot wagon extremely versatile, but there are limits to its talents. It isn’t, for example, much use if you ditch it in a river.

Sadly, one C8-generation example of the RS6 discovered this after being accidentally driven into the River Neckar near Gundelsheim, Germany. Last Thursday, a salvage team recovered the poor Audi from the water. It had a lengthy spell in the drink, having taken its unplanned dip the previous Sunday.

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The 37-year-old driver is said to have (translated from the German YouTube description on STIMMETV) “accidentally manoeuvred” the car into the Neckar having stopped to relieve himself. Thankfully, he was able to escape the car and swim to safety unaided. He was reportedly suffering from shock and mild hypothermia.

Image via STIMMETV/YouTube
Image via STIMMETV/YouTube

The car was spotted on Tuesday around a kilometre downstream from that point. The authorities had to deploy sonar, expert divers and a large crane to recover the Audi.

What was hauled out of the river wasn’t a pretty sight - the RS6 has an interior full of river muck, damage to both wheel arches on both sides (perhaps from hitting the river bed), and a lack of ground clearance. All that water has - unsurprisingly - wreaked havoc with the electronics that control the car’s air suspension system.

Local police estimated the cost of the damage at €100,000 (£83,000). Once the authorities are done with it, the RS6 will be towed to a local dealer.

Source: STIMMETV via Motor1


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