9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

There are always some things that only a certain group of drivers can associate with. From my experience of owning some Hondas over the years, here's how I feel.
9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

1. A riced Honda offends you more than it does others

9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

Hondas have a questionable reputation because they were the real driving force behind an evil movement known as ‘Rice’. In recent years, Honda owners have been trying very hard to steer clear of outrageous wings and hideous body kits so that they might be able to save the brand. Whenever a petrolhead sees a full on ricer, a little bit of him or her dies inside.

2. You prefer to race from a rolling start

9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

Admit it: if you compare a Honda with another car of the same power output, the Honda will usually have less torque. That’s because Hondas can get the same power from a smaller displacement by revving higher than conventional cars. The lack of torque really shows when you are trying to launch from a dig, so you prefer rolling starts where you are already in that sweet RPM range. VTAK YO!

3. You burn too much oil, way too quickly

9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

High revs have a high price, and that’s usually a lot of money spent on topping up your engine oil. Make sure you check that dip stick regularly so that you don’t bounce off the 9000rpm fuel cut-off point with a bone dry engine. It’s cheaper than a rebuild.

4. You downshift all the time

9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

To stay in that sweet #VTAKYO rev range, your shifting hand spends more time on the gear knob than on the steering wheel. Fortunately, Honda has been making amazing gearboxes over the years, which makes shifting feel like you’re shaking hands with an old friend.

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Pairing a muscle car powerplant with the nimble chassis of a Honda results in the ultimate hooning machine. And while purists may find it sacrilegious, most of us wish we had that extra punch in the mid-range. So how about an LS1 V8 as a remedy?

6. Ayrton Senna is your role model

9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

Every manufacturer has its own hero: Ferrari has Michael Schumacher, Ford has Ken Block and Mazda has Alex Kersten. Honda owners are lucky enough to have Ayrton Senna - one of the greatest racing drivers of all time - as their hero. As a VTEC fanatic, you’ve probably seen all the Senna documentaries on YouTube and are familiar with his entire career history.

7. Your favourite CT article ever is...

9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

When someone disses Honda, you just link them to this article and watch as they attempt to dig their way out. No one would have guessed that the little Civic could outrun the new M5 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. That’s what I call a hot hatch!

We all love Top Gear (RIP), but Honda guys have a place reserved in their hearts for Best Motoring International. Presented by Keiichi Tsuchiya (AKA: The Drift King), this Japanese car programme features epic touge battles, circuit races and a lot of JDM tuners. Thanks to the amazing commentary and POV camera angles, you are completely immersed in the programme.

9. Tracking an NSX is your ultimate petrolhead fantasy

9 Things Only Honda Drivers Can Relate To

The mid-engined Honda NSX is often referred to as the ‘Japanese Ferrari’. With a punchy V6 VTEC engine, pop-up headlights and design inputs by Ayrton Senna, the NSX quickly became a true JDM icon.

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