Volkswagen USA Refuses To Buy Back Totally Stripped Diesel Golf From Opportunistic Owner

Volkswagen may have agreed to buy back 2.0-litre diesel cars in the USA, but that doesn't mean it's going to be taken for a ride

Volkswagen Is Hunting BMW And Mercedes With A New Premium Four-Door Coupe

In an unusual move for a German brand, Volkswagen has released a fairly detailed teaser design drawing three months ahead of its motor show debut

What Is Overboost?

Manufacturers keep mentioning something called overboost when talking about their latest turbocharged cars, so what is it?

Watch A Mk2 VW Golf Annihilate An Audi R8

This unassuming-looking Golf has no trouble beating both a Mk1 Audi R8 and a Dodge Challenger SRT8. The reason? It's packing 600bhp from a highly modified VR6 engine...

VW Might Finally Be Making An Up GTI

According to reports, VW is working on a 113bhp Up GTI to give the Abarth 595 a good kicking

Punting Your Fellow Club Racer Into The Barrier Is A Dick Move

At the VAG Trophy meeting last weekend at Brands Hatch, a Golf GTI driver aggressively shoved a competitor from behind, sending him flying into a barrier

The VW Golf GTI Heartbeat Is A 394bhp Hot Hatch Tease

Just a week after news of the R400's demise landed, VW has revealed another near-400bhp Golf. And no, this one won't go into production either...

The Two-Seater VW Golf GTI Clubsport S Is Here And It's Clocked An Astonishing 7min 49sec 'Ring Time

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to your new front-wheel drive Nurburgring king: the hardcore Golf GTI Clubsport S

The Volkswagen SP2 Is The Sexiest Sports Car You’ve Never Heard Of

Due to import restrictions, VW's Brazilian arm built itself a sports car. Despite looking pretty damn hot, its performance was anything but scorching, however it's become a cult hero. Here's everything you need to know about the sexiest slow car ever made...

VW's Ex-Boss Was Told About Emissions Issues Way Back In 2014

VW has revealed in a statement that then CEO Martin Winterkorn was made aware of potential diesel emissions issues back in May 2014

This 1233bhp Golf Mk2 Is An Absolutely Mad Little Sleeper

From the outside you would never know that this standard looking Golf packs an unbelievable 1233bhp and is capable of 8 second quarter-mile times. To produce that power takes incredible engineering and we love the results

5 Fall Outs From The Volkswagen Dieselgate Saga

VW has announced that it is slashing budgets across the business to cover the estimated €30bn (£21bn, $32bn) costs associated with the Dieselgate scandal, but what does that mean for the company? Here are some of the losers now VW is pulling out cash

This Is How Volkswagen Is Fixing Europe’s Dieselgate Cars

Following the news that VW cars are emitting higher levels of nitrogen oxide than is permitted, the manufacturer has been working on a way to upgrade engines in order to comply with regulations. The first fix is here, but only for European cars

A VW Golf R32 With 600bhp Is As Bonkers To Drive As You'd Expect

If you find the standard MkIV Golf R32 a little tame, how about this one? Thanks to a variety of mods including a massive turbocharger, it's good for over 600bhp...