Help Me Spec 'My' New Volkswagen Up GTi

The Jaguar F-Type R has gone (boo), but in a few months, I'll get to look after a brand new Up GTi! Question is, how should I spec it?

Volkswagen, BMW And Daimler Funded Emissions Testing On Monkeys

Volkswagen has been forced to apologise after revelations that one of its cars was used for testing diesel emissions on monkeys, as part of experiments funded by the German 'big three'

The Volkswagen Up GTI Will Cost A Surprisingly Affordable £13,750

Prices have been announced for the intriguing Up GTI, and it's very good news for hot hatch fans looking for a fun car on a budget

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One of our favourite casual car designers has mocked-up a Jetta GTI, and we reckon Volkswagen should hurry up and build it

Volkswagen Wants Diesel Subsidies Cut Because It's An Eco-Warrior Now

Volkswagen is quickly moving itself away from its troubled recent past and present with rapid electric car development, and now there's a political strategy to back it up

The Vauxhall Insignia GSi Is More Expensive Than A Volkswagen Golf R

It may be a very good car and we really do want it to do well, but with the best will in the world the pricing still looks pretty steep...

Volkswagen Is Building Two Rear-Driven Electric SUVs For 2020

Slice this however you like; it's proof that electric power and the SUV body style are the two most important things to Volkswagen for the next decade

Volkswagen UK Has Killed The Jetta And We Might Not See It Again

Volkswagen's Golf-based saloon was its slowest-selling car by far in the UK, so the company has halted imports with a decision pending on whether to take its replacement at all

Hybrid Hot Hatchbacks Are Incoming From The Volkswagen Group

With the ultimate job of persuading car enthusiasts like you that hybrids can be fun, Skoda and Seat will lead the way with a new breed of hybrid performance hatchbacks

The Volkswagen Group Is Cutting Dealership And Staff Numbers To Save Cash

In an effort to increase profits and reduce overheads, the VW Group is set to close many dealerships and shift more towards an online sales focus

Volkswagen Has Killed The Scirocco And We're A Bit Sad About It

Despite being one of Volkswagen's more characterful cars, the Scirocco just isn't making the company enough dollar, so production has stopped for good

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After being totally wrecked by a falling tree during recent storms in Brazil, this Type 2 Volkswagen Bus should have been heading for the scrap heap... but it still drives

The Volkswagen Corrado VR6 Is The Investment Piece You Can Still Drive For Fun

Scarcity, charisma, pace and appreciating values? The Volkswagen Corrado VR6 has it all, and it's the kind of car you won't even have to put in storage to preserve - you'll get your money back regardless

This Volkswagen Beetle-Based Pickup Is All The Weirdness You Need Today

The classic Volkswagen Beetle was the basis for about a million different project builds in the 1980s, when it was common, cheap and easy to work on. At some point during all that, this thing happened...