Volkswagen Abandons Hybrid Golf GTI Plans - For Now

Volkswagen is no longer planning to hybridise the Golf GTI, and instead plans to keep things more or less as they are

Volkswagen Is Planning An Electric ‘Beach Buggy’

The classic beach buggy design is likely to be revised by the brand that made it famous, with electric power that should make it the car Renault’s Twizy always should have been

VW Is Renting Thousands Of Parking Spaces For Cars It Can’t Sell

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure has raised so many cars' emissions and fuel consumption that thousands are being parked in rented spaces until a solution is found

An Early VW Golf R Is Now A 75% Discounted £12k Bargain

With the current Golf R having been bumped back to 296bhp, well within a light remap's distance of the original MkVI version, now's the time to grab a bargain

A 400bhp VW Golf R Is Coming And It Wants The Hot Hatch Crown Back

Volkswagen is fed up of people moaning about how the Golf R lacks power versus its hot hatch rivals, so it’s brewing a 400bhp riposte

Say Hello To 'My' Wicked Volkswagen Up GTi

My new long-term test car has arrived from VW, so let me tell you about this awesome little thing!

Rusty Cars Probably Not As Safe As New Ones, Says Surprising Study

This study was meant to show just how much less safe an old, rusty car is than a brand new one, but all it ended up stating is the highly obvious...

Cars That Can Drop You Off And Park Themselves Are In Testing

We already have cars that can manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces on their own, but the generation in testing right now is on a whole new level...

Volkswagen Completes Its US Rebound With Sales Up 10 Per Cent

After the headaches caused by dieselgate it seems that the US public has forgiven Volkswagen, buying its cars in big numbers once again

Behold The New, Lighter Volkswagen Touareg And Its Epic Screen

The high-tech third-generation Volkswagen Touareg has arrived, bringing with it a main screen the size of a mid-level Nasa facility

Help Me Spec 'My' New Volkswagen Up GTi

The Jaguar F-Type R has gone (boo), but in a few months, I'll get to look after a brand new Up GTi! Question is, how should I spec it?

Volkswagen, BMW And Daimler Funded Emissions Testing On Monkeys

Volkswagen has been forced to apologise after revelations that one of its cars was used for testing diesel emissions on monkeys, as part of experiments funded by the German 'big three'

The Volkswagen Up GTI Will Cost A Surprisingly Affordable £13,750

Prices have been announced for the intriguing Up GTI, and it's very good news for hot hatch fans looking for a fun car on a budget

Here's All The Reason Volkswagen Needs To Build A Jetta GTI

One of our favourite casual car designers has mocked-up a Jetta GTI, and we reckon Volkswagen should hurry up and build it

Volkswagen Wants Diesel Subsidies Cut Because It's An Eco-Warrior Now

Volkswagen is quickly moving itself away from its troubled recent past and present with rapid electric car development, and now there's a political strategy to back it up