The Bugatti Chiron Has Been Recalled, But It's Not So Bad For The Owners

A faulty seat recliner has led to a worldwide recall of the Chiron, but Bugatti is making life very easy for those affected...

The Ex-Lamborghini Boss Of Audi Sport Is Stepping Up To Bugatti

Stephan Winkelmann, former chief at Lamborghini and present head honcho at Audi Sport, is to take the reins at Bugatti next year

Check Out This Glorious 1:4 Scale Bugatti Chiron Engine

High-end car model builder Amalgam has revealed a stunning replica of the 8.0-litre, 1500-horsepower W16 engine from the Chrion

Watch A Bugatti Chiron Casually Blast From 0-400-0kmh

Bugatti has released footage of its record-setting run in the Chiron, with Juan Pablo Montoya managing to do 0-400-0kmh in under 42 seconds

Bugatti Sets Bonkers 0-400-0kmh Record With The Chiron

42 seconds was all it took for a Chiron to go from 0-249mph and back to zero, with Juan Pablo Montoya on driving duties

Stephen Winkleman Will Leave Audi Sport, Headed For Bugatti

After little over a year heading up Audi's performance division, Winkelman is reportedly set to depart for Bugatti

Here's How Fantastically Detailed A $15k Bugatti Veyron Model Is

If you pay $15,000 for a model car, what are you getting for your cash? Watch this video to find out...

Chris Harris Has Driven A Bugatti... But Not The One You'd Expect

This week's star of the 'Chris Harris Drives' series is a jaw-dropping Bugatti Type 35 replica that looks every bit like it's the real thing. You've not seen attention to detail until you've seen this

Take A Closer Look At The Bugatti Chiron With Chris Harris

Following on from the Top Gear review of the car, the Chiron gets the geekier, more in-depth Chris Harris Drives treatment

Bugatti Can't Make The Chiron Faster Without Electricity

Even though a Chiron successor is still at least seven years away, Bugatti's CEO has said that electrification will have to happen if the company is to move the game onward

Here's A Bugatti Chiron Growling Its Way Around The Nurburgring

A Chiron has been spotted testing at the Nordschleife, filling the surrounding area with W16 noise

The Bugatti Chiron's US-Spec Bumper Is Moderately Upsetting

The Chiron on display at the New York Auto Show reveals that US-spec versions of the car will be fitted with hideous bumper protectors, but there is a solution...

Which Is Worse: This MG's Horrendous Bugatti Body Kit Or The Asking Price?

There's really not a great deal that needs to be said to introduce you to this car, but even if you can stomach the looks, you may need to brace yourself for the asking price

You Could Buy 200 Bugatti Chirons For The Price Of All The Damage Caused In The F&F Movie Series

An insurance company claims to have done the maths for how much damage is caused in the seven Fast & Furious movies that have been released so far, and these are big numbers

This Amazing Chiron Engine Test Rig Lets Bugatti Simulate The Nurburgring

It's obviously pretty important for Bugatti to make sure its 1500-horsepower Chiron engine can stand punishment, and this test rig lets the W16 powerplant loose on a simulated lap of the Nordschleife