The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Prototype Got Air At 278mph

In an interview, Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace spoke of a surface change on the Ehra Lessien test track that briefly sent the Chiron Super Sport 300+ prototype airborne

The Chiron Would Have Hit 320mph In Nevada, Bugatti Says

Had its modified Chiron been tested at the same Nevada location as the Koenigsegg RS, Bugatti reckons the hypercar would have exceeded 500kmh

The Bugatti Chiron Has Topped 300mph, And The Footage Is Incredible

A modified Chiron clocked 304.77mph at VW Group's Ehra-Lessien test facility

The Bugatti Centodieci Is A Chiron In An EB110-Like Frock

Bugatti has clothed the Chiron in EB110-inspired bodywork, while also raising power and dropping weight

Here's A Brand New Bugatti For The Price Of A Golf GTI

Bugatti has a revealed a car that's a little more attainable than the Chiron, although it's smaller, and quite a bit slower...

The Chiron Sport ‘110 Ans Bugatti' Is A 1500bhp French-Themed Tribute

This limited-run special celebrates the 110th anniversary of Ettore Bugatti's first ever car

A Bugatti SUV Is Definitely Not Happening, Says CEO

French brand Bugatti will not plumb the murky depths of sports utility vehicles, according to its CEO, saying such a car isn’t fit to wear the badge

Ridiculous Bugatti Veyron Parts Price List Includes $12,000 Exhaust

An EPA document showing parts prices for the Veyron has been uncovered, and it makes for hilarious reading

Bugatti Will Launch A Second Model Line - And It'll Be An SUV

Reports are suggesting that declining four-door luxury car sales have changed Bugatti's direction - its second model line is now most likely to be an SUV

There's Now A Life-Size, Driveable Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron

This astonishing Chiron model is made from one million Lego pieces and is powered by 2304 Technic motors

Meet The €5 Million, Track-Focused Bugatti Divo

It has the same power as the Chiron, is 25mph down and yet costs double the price. But don't let that put you off...

Bugatti Built Two Factory EB110 Racers, And This Is Their Story

Forget the rubbish on TV tonight and check out this beautiful documentary charting the incredible story of the only two race-spec Bugatti EB110s ever made