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2000 Subaru Impreza P1 - No 7 of 1000

Subaru - 2000 Subaru Impreza P1 - No 7 of 1000 - Garage

322bhp 330lb torque , car build number 7 of 1000 Ex Prodrive Press Car (search Impreza P1 Top gear / 5th gear and it’s my car being raced against an Evo) . This power is being made with a standard P1 turbo (VF 25?) and standard injectors , top mount intercooler. The following upgrades have been done….. (This is all being run on 99RON petrol)

Forged Block , Rods, Pistons, STi V9 Crank, ARP Studs, ACL Stealth Series Bearings, Cosworth Gaskets, Modified P1 Head (Polish/Ported) ,Hayward and Scott full CAT sports exhaust, Full bespoke road map done by Bob Rawle (BRdevelopments),”JDM” rear lights with foglight mod, Prodrive/Alcon front calliper upgrade with 330mm Godspeed 2 part disc and hub config, Nardi STi Wheel, Blitz Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost Gauges, Blitz Turbo Timer/Inlet Temp Sensor, Falken Tyres , Felix the Cat sticker.