8 Types Of Car Enthusiasts #blogpost

You may be expecting me to talk about muscle car guys, JDM guys and drift guys, but that’s not the point of this list. I’ll take a look at the types of petrolheads that are more under the surface and apply more to petrolheads of all walks of life. Here we go…

One: Appearance Car Guy

Some guys are in it for the looks. Appearance Car Guy loves washing, waxing and detailing his car and going to car shows. They would rather spend money on new wheels than upgraded brakes (unless they look good). They frequent car shows more than track days, and if they do go to a track day, they’ll wash and wax their car right when they get home. Who says what you drive has to look like a pile of horse crap?

Two: Mechanic/Tuner Car Guy

Some car enthusiasts are just as happy holding a wrench as they are holding a steering wheel. They like to improve their car little by little with better brakes, better cylinder heads etc. They’re the tinkerers of the car community and love to see how far their car has come. They would only take their car into the shop if they had two broken arms or an ECU was too complicated to crack. Look for a tool box and grease stained hands and you’ve got yourself a mechanic car guy.

Three: Thrill Seeker Car Guy

Some people see cars as giant toys, and they sure treat those cars like toys. Whether it’s jumping a rusty Bronco off a dirt mound or drifting a Miata at a track, they like doing fun and crazy things with their cars. They might also like cars with ridiculous acceleration or amazing cornering grip. They like to have crazy fun with cars, just as long as they don’t die doing it.

Four: Competition Car Guy

These guys are likely arguing that car racing should be considered a sport and quoting Nurburgring times. Whether it’s drag racing, track racing or rallying, it’s all about who’s number one. They could be your average bench racer or a legitimate competitor at their local drag night or autocross event. They dream of standing on the podium among cheering fans, after all, second place is just the first loser.

8 Types Of Car Enthusiasts #blogpost - Blog

Five: Experience Car Guy

These car guys like to have fun with their cars like thrill seeking car guys, but in a different way. While thrill seekers do crazy stuff to have fun, experience car guys are more about the little things about driving a car. Clutch feel, steering feedback, transition speed, throttle response and so on and so forth. All of those little things, including good weather and a good view all add together to make for a fantastic drive. Who says you have to risk breaking bones to have fun in a car?

8 Types Of Car Enthusiasts #blogpost - Blog

Six: Brand Snob Car Guy

We all know someone like this; a car guy that is super loyal to a certain car brand and constantly bashes the competing car brand. Whether it’s Chevy vs Ford or BMW vs Mercedes, they’re choosing a side and sticking with it. What they’re doing is understandable, but they often take things too far. They should diversify their car portfolio, but they don’t seem to want to.

Seven: Fanboy Car Guy

Some people are convinced that a certain car is the best car in the world, no exceptions. They jump at every opportunity to assert their cherished car’s dominance, even if they have to stretch the facts a little bit. The GT-R and the Bugatti Veyron seem to fall prey to this stereotype often.

8 Types Of Car Enthusiasts #blogpost - Blog

Eight: Driver Skill Car Guy

Driving a car is a skill, and some car guys want to perfect it. From heel and toe downshifting to trail braking, they drive or yearn to drive a car like a concert pianist pecks away at the ivories. They tend to like cars like Miatas and Porsches where they feel like being a good driver is the most rewarding. If you want to find them, look for them at drift events, track days and rally spots. After all, there aren’t many driver skill oriented people at the drag strip.

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