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Would You Spend £65,000 On A Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S?

UK pricing has confirmed for the GLA 35 and GLA 45 S, with the spendiest version of the latter coming in at £64,775

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Would You Spend £65,000 On A Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S? - News

With the Mercedes-AMG A45 S coming with a price tag as attention-grabbing as its 0-62mph time, it was inevitable that the bigger GLA 45 S would cost an even more eyebrow-raising amount. Sure enough, in top-spec Plus trim, it weighs in at £64,775. Ouch.

By far the most expensive version of the ‘45 family we’ve seen so far, the GLA 45 S Plus works out roughly £8000 more than an A45 S in the same spec. If the AMG’d A-Class is anything to go by, though, there won’t be many cost options on the menu to inflate the chunky starting price of the Plus much further.

Would You Spend £65,000 On A Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S? - News

The Plus pack provides adaptive dampers, 21-inch wheels, multibeam LED headlights and an aero package. Inside, thusly equipped cars come with a panoramic sunroof, electrically adjustable multi-contour seats, and a Burmester audio system. On the safety front, blind-spot assist and traffic sign assist functions are fitted as standard.

If you’re happy to do without all that, the base GLA 45 S is £58,755. That’s as cheap as it gets in the UK - mirroring the same setup in the British A45 and CLA 45 ranges, the less powerful non-S version isn’t available here.

Would You Spend £65,000 On A Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S? - News

For anyone wishing to spend less on an AMG’d GLA, there’s the GLA 35, starting at £43,565. Spec the Premium package with its 10.-25-inch digital cockpit, augmented reality navigation, keyless entry and bigger wheels, and that figure rises to £46,065.

Finally, £50,000 gets you a GLA 35 with Premium Plus, adding adaptive dampers, AMG aero, even bigger wheels, a Burmester sound system and much more besides. This trim grade also opens up the option of the Driving Assistance package, which adds an extra £1495 to the price.

Both of the AMG GLAs are available to order now, with initial deliveries starting this summer.