Would You Buy This Fault-Packed V12 Mercedes SL 600 For $5000?

Classic Mercedes cars aren't exactly known for their cheap and easy repairs, but that's nowhere near enough to dissuade serial shed-buyer Tyler Hoover

Remind me later

When you base your YouTube content business model around the premise of buying extremely cheap, highly dubious cars that were once complex and expensive, the idea of a very broken 1997 Mercedes SL600 probably sounds great.

Tyler Hoover, compulsive bad idea-former and buyer of used cars no one else would touch with a very long pole, has just, err, ‘invested’ in a V12-powered 1997 Mercedes SL600 with a very long list of broken bits. He actually previously owned the car and, now it has started going badly wrong, has bought it back from the guy he sold it to.

From a roof that gets stuck half way to warm air conditioning, missing wheel arch trim and collapsed hydraulic suspension, this is one project that needs a lot of TLC. The mission is to fix it up, though, and it’ll be one hell of a classy boulevard cruiser when it’s done.