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Why The Eagle E-Type Speedster Is The Best Looking Car Ever

Forget all the nonsense you've read recently. The Speedster wins the beauty contest hands down

Remind me later
We've seen some of the world's best-looking cars over the last few weeks on CT. It all started when Alex K wrote about the iconic Audi Sport Quattro, a car he spotted when he was invited to drive some of Audi's latest fleet. Spurred on by this, Ollie declared his love for the outrageous and outlandish Ferrari 288 GTO . Then, two more Germans joined the list in the form of Darren's aggressively styled Merc 190 E Evo II and Tom's stunning BMW Z8, which was good enough for Bond and way more than enough for him. But this is the Jaguar E-Type, the car many petrolheads expect to see next to the words 'best', 'looking', 'car' and 'ever'. It was ranked the world's most beautiful car of all time by The Daily Telegraph's readers and even Enzo Ferrari fell in love with it as soon as it was launched. But a small Jaguar E-type restoration company called Eagle received a letter from a customer in Connecticut who didn't just want a restored version of the popular Jag convertible, he wanted something just that bit more special. And so it was, that at the hands of Eagle, the stunning Speedster was born. The changes Eagle made for the transformation were to remove the chrome around the bumpers, make the windscreen shorter and angle it a little more towards the driver, get the fabric roof off, make the tail higher and put more emphasis on those rear haunches. All this as well as Eagle's usual restoration tricks (modern brakes and a bigger, reconditioned engine) have turned the 'hum-drum' E-Type into what I think is the best looking car ever. Words cannot express its beauty. To me, it's like one of those rare girls who don't need make-up to look hot. It doesn't shout sex all the time like a Ferrari F12 or Lamborghini Aventador and it isn't full of snobbery like a Bentley Mulsanne. While it's sleek design could be described as a little simplistic, it's so right from every angle. But like every supermodel, there are downsides. The fact that it doesn't have a roof means it can't be used during the 360 days of rain in the UK each year. And then there's the price. Six. Hundred. Thousand. Pounds. Many of you will have left Uni recently so you'll struggle to afford Britain's cheapest car, the Dacia Sandero, let alone one wheel of a Speedster. That £600k is also six times more expensive than a top-end Range Rover, and the Speedster can't go off road, seat four or massage their behinds... But like a love-struck teen, I'm prepared to spend my life working like a dog to get my hands on one. To wake up every morning, then to open up her bonnet to look at her heart is what spurs me on. I don't care how long it takes me and I don't care if I end up with only half of my organs left. I will, one day, own the Eagle Speedster. The best looking car ever.