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Takumi's AE86 Specs in Real Life.

God that lows on the rear tires
God that lows on the rear tires

This is for those who wants to be that Takumi Wannabe. It might just help (Or made it worst).

Takumi’s 86 is an anime car. There was non-made in real life with the same specs. So, lets just see what if we built our own Takumi 86.

Who is Takumi: He is a anime character. He is like the Keiichi of anime.
What’s special of his 86?: We’ll get that soon.

Part 1: Engine

One of the most important part is his engine, actually. It is a Group A 20V Silvertop 4A-GE engine. It can rev to 11000 (Not meaning that you should). It’s torque maxes out at 9000rpm. So what is this “Group A” in Real Life?

Specs we know:
Displacement: 1597 cc (97.3 cu in)
Horsepower: 240PS at around 11,000 rpm.
Torque: ??? at around 9,000rpm

Some may say “It is Keiichi Tsuchiya’s 86 Engine”.
Well, your kinda right and wrong. Due to problems with reliability of 4A-GE, he swaps it with other toyota engine, like the 7A w/ a 4A-GE 20V top. The 4AGE he used also never reached the 11000rpm mark. It was said however that the Keiichi’s car is used to dub Takumi’s AE86.

The only 4A-GE which fits the spec on Takumi’s Engine is:
-Formula Atlantic’s 4A-GE N2
-AE101 (AE101 20V Silvertop) (Toyota’s TRD Group A engine, a version of 4AGEU)

The engine below is the Formula Atlantic’s 4AGE N2 (I cant find the AE101)

1 MB

Both of these engines have two stuffs in common: They are RACE engines.
A bit of research will tell you that you CANNOT get this engine anywhere in the world, except if you are a Pro Driver, or you are in the Racing Team. If you don’t have that privilege, then i don’t think you can get the engine.

But, its not that you should. As Yuichi said to Bunta “Don’t tell me you are going to put THAT into the AE86! But this is a race car engine! You are going to be jailed!”
Yes. You can get jailed. It is very likely that this engine is used on the road.
Why? The engine actually needs to be driven HARD to be reliable. Sounds crazy, but yes that is true. These engines (Racing types) were meant to be driven hard. If not driven hard, it will be unreliable.
And anyways. You are crazy enough to get these engines. They actually aren’t that reliable. They need a rebuild every time.

Now, onto the next step. Chassis and Body!

Part 2: Body and Interior

Takumi’s 86 is the 1983 version (Zenki).
The paint has the iconic two-tone panda colour, with the iconic Fujiwara Tofu Store (藤原とうふ店 Fujiwara tōfu-ten) sticker.

Custom Parts on his 86:
-TRD Sports Seats
-Vent Cup Holder
-TRD Carbon Fiber Hood + Carbon Fiber Headlights
-Fujitsubo MC50 Muffler
-Full cage
-OEM Door Visors
-ItalVolanti Admiral Red Trim Steering Wheel
-Smith’s 12,000 rpm tacho (Seems so that it is a Ultra Step Motor Drive on the 12,000 rpm blow-up scene)
-Smiths auxiliary gauges

That is basically the body, and interior.

Next up: Chassis and Suspension

The Specs for Takumi’s 86 seems to be having very many TRD stuffs. This is probably because of Bunta getting these parts straight from Keiichi, who was in Toyota.

Wheels: RS Watanabe Eight Spoke F8-Type Wheels (Black) (Probably 195/15 like Keiichi’s 86)
Drivetrain: TRD 2-Way LSD and TRD Crossed 3 w/ 4.778 Final Drive
Suspension: TRD Short Stroke Adjustable Suspension Kit
Etc: Cusco Strut Bar

And there you have it! You have a real life working 86 with the same specs as Takumi!

Or if you just want to know the specs. Its pretty interesting too.

Note: This was my first real writing post on CarThrottle. Any suggestion, tips, or tricks are welcomed.Hope you like it, and have a nice Eurobeat Day!