James Mackintosh 11 years ago

Weird Stuff On Craigslist

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If you're a car guy, chances are one of your past times is Craigslist. The free online classified ad website that has been running since 1996 is the perfect place to find everything from a sitter, to a new dog, to furniture, to your soul mate, to... a car!  Heck, my last car came from craigslist - friendly, knowledgeable seller, cool car, good price.  And while most stuff on craigslist is a bit normal ("2003 Camry, Grey, 86k, call Jeff...") occasionally you'll find something cool.  Here's what turned up with a quick perusal of my local CL. Don't tell me you're not tempted.  What is this heap?  Why, it's an Alfa Romeo Milano!  And what the hell is that?  Well, it was Alfa's competitor to the (E21/E30) 3-series BMW back in the 80's!  You want mechanical ingenuity, Italian flair, boxy 80's looks, and a singing Alfa V6?  Why, here's your car!  The Milano was front-engined and RWD, but had a torque tube and a rear-mounted transaxle for better weight distribution.  Oh, and inboard disc brakes in the rear.  Fun!  This would have Alfa's 2.5L fuel-injected 24v V6 under the hood, shared with the GTV6.  Would be nice if it was a runner!  Ronan Glon from Ran When Parked is a huge Milano/75 fan, and let me know via facebook there were only 4,000 of these, give or take, imported to the US during the 80's.  So, not exactly common, then! Of course, the seller is not exactly forthcoming with details on this masterpiece.  "A Project car!  5 speed, V6, needs work as you can see!  Not running.  Make an offer!"  Do you think he'll take $100?  Find it on Raleigh NC Craigslist here.  Or if the link's dead, here. Ahh, this one's more up my alley.  It's a 1996 Volvo 850R, a car I'm quite fond of, as you already know.  This one's had some extra love, though.  My big problem with US-spec 850 T-5/Turbos?  They're automatic only.  This seller has rectified the situation by fitting a 5-speed manual gearbox - presumably the Getrag M56 used in manual 850's - which was how these cars came for sale in Europe, so it's not like a lot of cutting and hacking was needed.  In fact, it's probably pretty straightforward as far as a trans swap goes, because US-spec 850 non-turbos came with this transmission. On top of the expense of a 5-speed swap, this 850R - which had the 250bhp T-5 Turbo engine - has benefited from additional go-faster parts.  There's a 15psi pump-gas tune from RICA, a (presumably larger) front-mounted intercooler, a 3" mandrel-bent turbo back exhaust with high-flow cat and a cut-out (man that has gotta sound good!), lowering springs, new wheels, HID's, etc etc.  The price?  With 125k on the body and 80k on the motor, the seller is asking $7,000.  For a hot-rod Volvo the way the factory should have sold it here, do you think that's a reasonable price?  I do, but more level-headed people may disagree.  You can find the car on Raleigh CL here, or here if the link is dead. How's this for odd? To be honest, I had to dig through a LOT of Wikipedia to figure out what this car started life as.  It's advertised on Raleigh Craigslist as "1941 Renault Hot Rod."  It started life as a 1941 Renault Juvaquatre - also called a Dauphinoise or a Juva 4, it was the car that came before the 4CV, which came before the Dauphine.  So, old.  Now, a Chevy 305 and a TH400 3-speed auto isn't the greatest powertrain in the world, but when it's in place of a 747, 845, or 1003cc straight four, I'd say it's an upgrade.  This '41 RenaultRod (as I've now christened it) also sports a Chrysler 411 rear (differential?) with coilover suspension, and Opel front suspension.  This weird backyard Frankenstein of parts can be yours for only $26,500.  I think I'll pass.  If the ad's down, check here. Chalk this one up under the "overly ambitious" category.  It's a 1997 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, which is the same thing as the Eclipse GSX.  So it has the turbo 4G63 200bhp motor along with the rare all-wheel-drive option.  Two problems: the guy is asking $4500 for it (FIRM!), and it's got problems.  Mainly, the driveshaft joint is shot, which would be an expensive repair.  Oh, and the starter.  And the intercooler is leaking.  And the hatch struts are blown, and the front splitter is cracked.  Look, I know AWD DSM's are rare, but no one's going to pay this much.  "11 second car with bolt-ons!"  Yes, if it doesn't blow up?  Find it here, or here if the link is down. You like Grand Nationals and T-Types.  I like them too.  So when a super-clean T-Type with only 44,000 miles shows up on Craigslist, you should be interested.  But I'd go ahead and say don't buy this one.  Why?  Because the seller sounds like a serious jerk.  And it's got Monte Carlo wheels, which is just wrong. "this car is no joke "it will run" Mid 6's in the 1/8 mile and NO i have not run it thru the 1/4 so dont ask." Uhh, ok.  I won't ask, dude.  Not that I'd be curious about what the quarter mile time of a drag car like a modified T-Type was, or anything.  I'll just leave it be. "Please dont waste my time or yours." Alright, I won't.  Jeez, why you gotta be such a jerk?  Also, what the hell is this supposed to be a picture of? Is that a drag-strip time slip that doesn't exist? since it "will run" 6's in the 8th, and it's never been down the quarter?  Or is it a receipt from Wal-Mart?  Anyway, if you're interested in this Regal T-Type with a real jerk of a seller, you can find the link here. Fancy a Porsche Turbo, but don't have $120,000 sitting around for a new 911 Turbo?  How about this maintained and modified 1986 944 Turbo for only $6500?  This could potentially be a really good buy; there's a long list of recently completed maintenance as well as some choice upgrades.  This one sports new rear rotors, steering rack, oil pressure gauge, AC compressor bearing, hood supports, compressor coil, water pump, radiator, timing and balance belts and rollers, A/C compressor clutch, head gasket, plugs, vacuum lines, and rear CV joints - which could probably add up to this car's current purchase price!  There are also thoughtful upgrades - Koni Yellow shocks, a limited-slip differential, Porsche Turbo Cup wheels, a DME KLR ECU chip (15psi), MSD ignition, K&N intake, aftermarket exhaust system, a Momo steering wheel (no airbag), and a full Alpine stereo.  With lots of money thrown at maintenance it reduces your chances of a surprise expenses, and the modifications are all stuff I'd do to a daily driver 944T.  Check the Raleigh Craigslist add here. This could either be a lot of fun, or a massive rage-inducing headache.  It's a 1995 BMW (E36) M3 with the 3.0L engine...  that's been turbocharged.  Hmm.  The kit is a CES Stage II setup, which the owner says makes 400whp (wheel horsepower) at only 9psi of boost.  Thankfully this car's a 1995, meaning it's OBD-1, so it'll be less of a pain in the ass to get it through inspections.  The CES turbo kit is quoted as being $9,500(!) with "more than $20k in parts" invested.  So the $15,000 asking price for a pretty nice E36 M3 actually seems pretty good.  It's also got a Clutchmasters Stage 4 clutch and a 14lb flywheel, poly bushes on EVERYTHING, a 3.23:1 LSD, metal-impeller water pump, new Guibo, new Vanos unit, new valve cover gasket, new control arms/bushings, new serpentine belts...  Holy cow.  A rebuilt head at 88k, Tein coilovers (nice!) with RD front and rear ARB's, AAW turbo-back exhaust, Fluidyne radiator, a redone interior, a wideband AFR and boost gauge, and a whole lot of other stuff.  The seller provides a link to a thread on a forum describing the build, which can be found here.  This car's for sale on the Raleigh craigslist but located in Greenville, NC - home of East Carolina University, which means it's probably some obnoxious frat boy selling this turbo M3.  Now, would this prove to be a well-built car that you can boost the pants off of for years of oversteering enjoyment, or will it just be you paying a lot of money to inherit someone else's turboheadache?  Hard to tell. Ahh, a real Taurus SHO.  Not some 4,300lb twin-turbo V6 Volvo S80 in drag, but an honest-to-god Gen2 Taurus with a howling 24v Yamaha-designed aluminum V6 under the hood.  These are consistently good LeMons racers, but to be honest this one's too nice for a life of abuse like that.  A 1994 model, this sports the larger, torquier 3.2L 220bhp V6 mated to a 4-speed electronic automatic transmission.  Let's see... grey leather in good shape, JBL stereo, working heat and A/C, only 142k - the guy only wants $1750 for it!  Someone please go buy it. So, dear reader: got anything weird floating around your local Craigslist?  Please feel free to post it up in the comments section below!