Watch The Stig Go Massively Sideways And Enjoy Ice Cream

The latest Top Gear series 25 teaser focuses on the Stig, as he/she/it goes sideways in some of the hottest supercars you can buy right now

Remind me later

Did you wonder what the Stig got up to while his human colleagues went shopping for milk in the last Top Gear teaser? Now we have our answer: going very sideways in some of the hottest cars you can buy right now. And enjoying an ice cream. And giving a dog a lift in a Mercedes-AMG GT.

As with the last teaser, it doesn’t really tell us anything new about Top Gear’s next series, but it’s worth a watch for the shot of a Lamborghini Huracan Performante with red hot glowing brakes alone.

The series is Top Gear’s 25th outing since being rebooted in 2001, and is the second run to focus mostly on Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid. It follows Chris Evans’ (no, not the Captain America one) brief and less than successful time at the helm.

The first episode airs 25th February on BBC Two in the UK, while US viewers will have to wait until 3 March for it to be broadcast on BBC America.