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Watch A Toyota GR Supra Engine Dyno At 750whp With A Modest(ish) Tune

Papadakis Racing's heavily worked-over B58 straight-six has been installed and dyno'd in a drift-spec Supra

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There are a lot of incredible GR Supra projects out there right now, but Papadakis Racing‘s is one that stands out. It’s been chronicled via some fantastically detailed videos, including a memorable entry that showed the B58 engine being put together with new forged pistons, uprated rods and a heavily worked-over cylinder head.

The completed straight-six, fed by a giant Borg Warner turbocharger, was put on the dyno a few months ago, making over 1000hp. With the engine now installed in Papadakis’ drift-spec Supra, it’s dyno time again, to make sure the drivetrain functions as it should.

Even running at a comparatively conservative 25psi (the engine-only dyno was done at 40), the results are impressive. It makes a great noise, too.

Also in the latest video, we get to see a simplified wiring harness with military-spec elements go in. But if that still hasn’t satisfied your modified ‘A90’ Supra content craving, you might want to see the whole car being stripped down to the bare metal (above), and/or a CAD-designed roll cage being installed (below).

Once all of this is finished, it’ll be driven by Fredric Aasbo in the Formula Drift series. Papadakis has built several cars for the Norwegian before, including a 1000bhp Toyota Auris.