Watch A Rally Car's Bonnet Flip Up At The Most Inappropriate Moment

WRC 3 competitor Louise Cook's Ford Fiesta had a slight bonnet issue while flying over the fearsome Colin's Crest jump during Rally Sweden

Remind me later

Named after a certain Mr McRae, Colin’s Crest is a fearsome part of Rally Sweden’s Vargåsen stage. Each year, there’s an award given to the driver who jumps the furthest, with Mads Østberg taking the 2017 honours with a bonkers 44 metre jump.

So in other words, it’s not the sort of place you want to have you bonnet say an unexpected and smashy ‘hello’ to your windscreen. That’s what happened to British WRC 3 class driver Louise Cook though, as a result of an earlier crash.

Cook soldiered on, although sadly was forced to retire over an issue relating to an un-homologated replacement seat bracket, reports Black Flag.

A shame, but at least some kind fans returned her missing front bumper, as seen above…