Watch A Mini Cooper S Eat Dirt And Armco On The Nurburgring

In a Nordschleife crash video that's sure to make you wince, an 'R53' Cooper S is seen getting a little too acquainted with some Armco...

Remind me later

Even navigating the Nurburgring in a more forgiving front-wheel drive car is not without its perils, as proven by this R53 Mini Cooper S driver. He’s seen entering the frame too hot, running wide and engaging in what looks like some unintended lift-off oversteer on the grass.

After veering back across the track, and evasive manoeuvre is attempted, but it can’t stop the hot hatch slamming into the Amrco and kicking up a load of dirt in the process. Bye-bye front wing, splitter and driver’s side front wheel.

We dread to think how much damage has been done to that corner of the suspension, but overall, the Cooper S looks to have held up well. And crucially, both occupants were - according to the uploader - uninjured in the crash.