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Watch A Jaguar XJ Supersport Crash At The 'Ring

The Green Hell strikes again, this time claiming one of Britain's finest

Remind me later
Picture 5 Ah, the Nurburgring. You can always rely on it to take to take at least one expensive victim a month. Speaking of which, here we have a Jaguar XJ Supersport that's now sitting in a workshop. But this is no ordinary Jaguar XJ Supersport. This is one of the cars that Jaguar uses to demonstrate the capabilities of its flagship barge to potential customers by scaring the be-jeezus out of them on track. These Jags are equipped with racing seats, harnesses, a roll cage and, rumour has it, sick bags to give would-be Jaaag owners the full 5-litre, 500bhp V8 experience. Picture 4 Watch as this XJ enters the left curve at substantial speed after which it struggles to slow down before the right hander that immediately follows. The Big Cat gives the Armco an almighty pasting, yet looks remarkably straight afterwards. Whether this strength was enough to persuade the passenger to part with £91,000 or not is unknown... Video 1
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