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Watch A Bugatti Chiron Casually Blast From 0-400-0kmh

Bugatti has released footage of its record-setting run in the Chiron, with Juan Pablo Montoya managing to do 0-400-0kmh in under 42 seconds

Remind me later

We’ll have to wait until 2018 to see the Chiron at last better the top speed managed by the Veyron Super Sport, but this week Bugatti gave us an early treat to keep us interested. It involved former Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya doing 0-400-0kmh (0-249-0) in an astonishing 41.96 seconds aboard the Chiron, and now, there’s some video footage of the record-setting effort.

We’d prefer a raw interior shot rather than all the gloss and the thumping Hans Zimmer-style soundtrack seen in the video above, but still, it gives a good sense of just what the Chiron is capable of. Some of the flyby shots are extraordinary, and Montoya looks incredibly calm in the cockpit, having decided not to bother with racing overalls or a helmet. Hero.