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Momo's Story

Momo's Story - Blog

Momo was a young user hailing from Dubai. Born into a very wealthy business family, he had his share of ups and downs in his life that he went on to share his story of success about on how he bought some of the cars most of us could only dream about. But he showed us regardless of where we come from, we too can attain them if we work hard with determination and dedication.

This story you’re about to read was written in his own words (some minor edits were made to censor the obvious indecent wordings) and was published here but was later lost. Some users had saved it by uploading it on an open online storage which unfortunately has been removed from there as well while others like myself saved it on their hard drives in hopes that it could be published again and serve it as an inspiration for others who would come along stumble on this community and be inspired and be motivated by his story. Enjoy!

Part One

BEFORE you read this I truly do not mean to show off my wealth or my family’s wealth, I want to leave out any BS and be straight with you guys and show you my story. OK, let me start off from the beginning. I was born into a rich family, and not just like a couple of million, my father has a net worth of around 1.6 billion dhs. (≈ 460 Million US Dollars) Our family was always rich from the beginning and every father of my father kept building and building the wealth more and more. We have a very important rule/saying in our family that dates back a long time ago and it is translated from Arabic as best I can “If you die with less compared to the money your father died with, you have failed this family.” Believe me, I know, I said, “WTF, that’s a really sh i tty saying” but I guess it is what it is. So let’s fast forward 15 years (4 years ago), I realized how rich my family actually was and was being really stupid with money, like really, really stupid with it. I used to buy people 30k watches just so I can act cool around them, I used to secretly host parties on our yacht, and almost all the time something would get stolen (watches, rings, shoes, and twice an idiot stole paintings, but I was an idiot and continued doing it. When I was 16 I moved schools because I got kicked out of my old one, (Keep in mind my dad was way too busy to notice any of this.) So I join my new school and drive to school in my M5 which I got as a birthday present but wasn’t registered in my name since you have to be 18 to drive here, which is why I count my Ferrari 458 as my first actual car. So I pull up in my M5, try to do a burnout thinking it was a good idea to get attention and hit a teachers car, immediately my stupid brain thinks “Ah, no one noticed let me park somewhere else.”

Part Two

So I park the M5, (This car has like 80 miles on it.) and get out, tell myself “It’s not that bad.” and start my first day. After an hour of assembly, 2 officers and the Headmaster come and ask on the loud speaker. “Who owns the blue BMW M5?” I wasn’t really paying attention the first time to be honest, and then a teacher says, “I saw this kid get out of it.” (Keep in mind I am still on my phone not listening.) Then the officers come to me and show me a picture of my car and asked if it was mine, I said “Yes.” They brought me to the car and of course me being the idiot I was, I denied crashing into the car. Then I’m at the police station and that’s when I realized I am totally screwed. My dad came and sorted everything. (He has a lot of connections with the police and government.) I get home and I get the living crap beaten out of me. So I stop driving for a while and started letting one of my drivers take me to school. (We have a lot of cars.) So every day I would be going in a Rolls Royce Ghost, the next a Bentley, the next a Mercedes-Benz G63, etc. So, one day I start talking to this girl (Gold digger.) and then she talks with her friends and then next thing I know, everyone in the school knows I’m rich. I’m not even kidding you the very next day everyone wanted to talk to me and be my friend.

Part Three

After a month or so I start driving to school again in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc. Everyone is asking me for a ride, they are all inviting me to parties and I’m not going to lie, I felt like a king, girls I didn’t even speak to wanted to bang. Now is when another reality check hits me, one guy who I seriously didn’t even realize was in my class comes up to me, and says, “You know, I know you are faking your personality, I know the real you, I was like you once.” then walks away. I ask one of my friends who it was and he said, “He is the son of the owner of the school.” and I was like WTF. After 4 hours, I get his number and spoke to him. The next day he waited for me to get to school, said, “Let’s have lunch.” (I ditched school 3-4 days of the school week.) We have lunch and he just completely blows my mind during our talk. He then took me to his island off the coast of Dubai and his Father was home. We spoke for about 3 hours on how I could change my life around and be with real friends, then I realized, this guy has like 7 friends and that’s it. After a couple of months I steered away from 99% of the people I use to hang out with and called my “friends”. After that lunch, he made me realize how much of an idiot I was thinking that these people liked me for who I am not just my money and so many more things that I can’t really talk about. For the remainder of the year we got really, really close. We felt like brothers to each other. That summer, I and my new extremely close friends went on a trip on his yacht to Italy, France and all these amazing places.

Part Four

I get home after that holiday and I change my life around completely. This is so cliché but I truly felt like I was free. I stopped going to parties I hated, stopped banging girls that were in it for the money, stopped taking money for granted and started finding out what true friendship was. So I start my 2nd year in my new school and boy, was it a hard year. After a month, I started getting bad mouthed all over the school about me being a gold digger. (My new friends are 15 times richer than my dad, and that is not a joke, most have a net worth of around 30-40 billion but one has around 76 billion.) I stopped hanging out with them and stopped going to school completely, it got to the point where I was thinking suicidal thoughts again. Then my new car comes along, a Nissan GTR. It changed me completely. I began learning so many new things about cars, going to track days and learning anything I could about cars. I was the happiest I could ever be. I started seeing my real friends again, going out, having fun, racing, drifting all that fun stuff. Then another reality check, I find out I have a heart disease after fainting multiple times while playing sports. So at this moment, I was told I have a couple of years to live to live at best, and that’s where my life just took a nose dive. I was drinking and driving, calling up women to you know what in the bedroom, taking drugs, etc. My friends notice this and they try their best to change me around and enjoy life, they started helping me with the depression and all that crap, started suggesting world class doctors to my parents that they went to go visit. After a while, they tell us all to go on a world tour and live our lives. (Keep in mind, this was two weeks away from finals.) My dad forced me to go to take my mind off things and I went with them to every place imaginable. We went to the places you see on National Geographic Wild. After 6 months of traveling we finally get back and then the thoughts of me realizing I’m dying comes back. That was until I find out my friend’s parents and my parents got really close and they were doing everything they could on how to find out how the solution to my heart problem by asking multiple top class doctors they had connections with to examine my condition. You guys have no idea the feelings I had over the course of the next couple of months. I had countless surgeries, pipes going in and out of my body like I was a robot, but the worst part was the look on my parents faces seeing me the way I was.

Part Five

I had 16 surgeries in total and still another 3 to go, but those 3 were the most serious, the doctors told me to get in contact with everyone I wanted to and so I did. But everything wasn’t important for me apart from my parents, so I wrote a note thanking them for everything they gave me and guys I’m just saying, I never cry, I was brought up to be a man and always be strong, but that letter made me cry more than when my true role model grand dad passed away. It’s because I knew it could’ve been the last time seeing my family, then after I cried my eyes out I wrote another letter to my friends thanking them for everything they did for me and how I was always grateful for every moment together. (Sorry for getting emotional but I told you guys I wont type any BS.) Thankfully I lived through the surgeries and spend months recovering. In those months I was healing, I learned basic stock trading. I heal just in time for the 1st semester of school. I still was told “you were born rich” bull-crap ever so often. Then there was this one new guy that was so envious it was crazy. He hated everything about me, my personality, my religion, my home country, everything. After the winter break of going to the Alps to snow-board with my friends, he started talking crap about me behind my back. So I walk up to him and was getting ready to knock him out, then he says something, (Still trying to remember exactly what he said.) and he continued talking about how I don’t deserve anything I have, that I am worthless and have no friends and we kept on arguing, etc. I’ll be truthful with you i still threw a punch at him and then pushed him to the ground. (Let’s not talk about it, because I don’t want people saying “1v1 me bro.”)

Part Six

When I got home, I thought of everything I could to ruin his life and every other person that was saying similar things about how I will never truly earn anything and it is all ‘daddy’s’ money. My ideas came down to ruining their parent’s jobs or banging their sisters. (All ugly.) I know I’m an ass - hole but I can’t describe how angry I was. Then I got the best idea I would ever come up with. I told myself I will find a way to start out with nothing and make it into 1 million dollars, no matter how hard it was. (Yes this was all to prove a point, you it pushed me to the limits and I had to do it) So the first idea was to just sell a couple of my watches and I’d have the million. Then I realized how stupid that idea was and thought of another. I started charging people 80dhs (≈ 20 dollars) to clean their cars. (I am not joking about this.) After 1 month, I had around 2,000 dollars. Then I hired my not-so-rich friends to help clean the cars. Paid them a fair price and 10,000 dollars the next month. Then I stopped and said, “This is taking too long”, then I turned to the one place where you could turn 10k into a million, THE STOCK MARKET. So I put all my money into a brokerage account, and used common sense instead of spending thousands of dollars on books and lessons since I thought they were all BS. After 5 days, I got lucky and had 20k, and day after day after day, I lost, then made money, then lost, then made money etc. I had around 30k by the end of the month by spending hours upon hours looking at charts and companies and working harder than I’ve ever worked in my whole life. Then I landed on a gold mine, I saw a penny stock was about to sky rocket and put all my money into it, again I got lucky and made 110k in 6 hours. I had around 160k by the next month. Then 3 weeks later, I put all my money into another penny stock hoping that it would skyrocket, it didn’t, it gapped by 20 dollars and then nose dived without me realizing, I had 11k left. I seriously couldn’t believe it. I stopped trading for quite a while but then I kept thinking “What if I did this and what if I did that”.

Part Seven

(I’m going to finish it after this post, its 4 A.M. here) So I got back into the stock market and learnt from my mistakes. After 1 month, I made around 30k. After that, I invested into another penny stock that sky rocketed and had around 90k. After 3 months, I forgot why I was even trading, I was really enjoying my life. Then I see on every single chat-room for trading a company that was about to nose dive so I shorted it. (Bet that the stock price would go down…) With all my money, after a week, I lost 30k but I still kept the stocks because it was a clear pump-and-dump. (Basically what Wolf of Wall Street did…) After that 3rd week, it just nose dived, and I got a 300 and something % return, (I think a famous trader online shared his story on ABC News about it…) and had 1.23 million dollars. I was possibly the happiest person alive, and I’m not going say not because I made the million, its because I proved the guy wrong. It was 99.999% because I made a million and 0.001% because I proved him wrong. I now own various businesses in the car industry and yes, it was with my Father’s money since I spent all the money I made on my Porsche 918 Spyder, but I showed everyone I knew (and hopefully you guys too) that I do not need my father’s money to become successful in life, and that with strong faith and hard work you can do anything in life. I know there will be some “This story is complete BS.” So I will save the time for you, I truthfully do not care one bit if you don’t believe me. If you do believe me, now you know you can do anything in life even if you start out with nothing but as long as you are willing to put in the work for it. So saying I’m broke or I have a job that only pays $5 isn’t an excuse because you can take almost anything nowadays and turn it into something profitable and you don’t even need a college or university degree. (and by this I don’t mean to drop out. Only do it if you want to, I did it because my dad taught me everything I need to know) I don’t have any other degrees other than me passing high school and I have a net worth of 24 million. And I truly believe that if you have read up to this point of my story that you are the type of person that wants to be successful. I BELIEVE IN YOU, and most importantly believe in yourself and never give up. For those who don’t, I’ll say two things:
1) Why would I waste 3 hours of my time writing a fake story? Don’t mean to be cocky but I’m a multi-millionaire and have better things to do than to fake a story.
2) I truthfully don’t care if you don’t, at the end of the day you live your life and I live mine. So I just thought you guys would be interested to see how I got to where I am in life right now (Since loads were asking and wanted to know.) and the main and only reason I did this was to show all of you that saying you are broke is not an excuse, if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything you desire in life.

The End

A day before his surgery, Momo posted a short notice thanking us all for giving him a great time here. Momo passed away the morning of May 6th, 2015 after major heart surgery. He had Marfan Syndrome and Long QT Syndrome. Although the surgery was a success, they were unable to stem internal bleeding.

Rest In Peace, Momo. Hope you’re having fun up there and thank you so much for inspiring me and many others on this community and beyond.

Momo's Story - Blog

If you wish to download this story, you can do so through this file sharing website. It was edited by RoosterMTRSPRTS. Thank you for reading.