USA's Cheapest AMG Mercedes Stolen, Then Posted On Facebook

Remember YouTuber Tyler Hoover's stupidly cheap ML55? It's just been recovered after being stolen from a detailer

Remind me later

I’ve been dreaming of cheap ML55s ever since seeing YouTuber and motoring journalist Tyler Hoover’s one year report about his own, which was the cheapest AMG Mercedes in the USA when he bought it. However, the poor Merc has been through the wars this week.

It was stolen from a detailer who’d left it running with the heaters on full blast to dry out the shampooed carpets, after which Hoover put out the word to try and track it down. Incredibly, a woman who’d seen a news report had spotted the car posted up on Facebook with the caption “dad’s new car”. She claimed to know the thief, and took Hoover on a tour of the miscreant’s local haunts, but to no avail.

The same woman spotted the car the next day and called the police, only for the ML to evade the authorities and disappear once more. A few sightings later, and the car was found, having been recklessly driven into the undergrowth and abandoned.

Hoover claims the damage isn’t too bad considering what the car has been through, but stated on his Autotrader column that he won’t know the full extent until the car is extracted which “will require a chainsaw to carve out”. Yikes.

Here’s hoping it’s relatively unscathed after its ordeal.