Here’s All That’s Broken On The USA's Cheapest Ferrari Testarossa

After buying the USA’s cheapest running Ferrari Testarossa, in eighties-appropriate white, Tyler Hoover has taken the car into a workshop... and the repairs won’t be cheap

Remind me later

Hands up who saw this coming. Yep, I see a lot of hands. Tyler Hoover, who has just replaced his burned-out Ferrari 355 with the USA’s cheapest running Testarossa, has just had his first look under the car’s floor. The news… well, it’s not good.

There are three separate fluid leaks, at least one of which will need his mechanic, ‘The Wizard’, to pull the engine out in order to repair it. Oh dear. We find ourselves clenching over the thought of how much that’s going to cost. To see the under-body exam, spin on to about 7m15s.