Try Not To Wince As This BMW 135i Coupe Crashes Twice At The 'Ring

An E82 1-series coupe driver is seen losing control on the entry to a corner, before crashing two times

Remind me later

As if one crash at the Nurburgring wasn’t bad enough, this 1-series coupe driver ended up smacking into the Norschleife’s Armco barriers twice. Having lost control on entry to this high-speed corner, the BMW hits the barrier hard, and judging by what looks like tyre smoke billowing out of the front left arch, it picks up some nasty damage to the front right wheel.

The driver isn’t able to stop the car before the next corner, seeing the car skating across the gravel and hitting a second piece of Armco barrier. the end result is one sorry-looking 135i…

Via Car Scoops