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Transporting The World’s Most Powerful Man: Obama-mobile

This post has been presented by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. We all have our own idea of what an ideal car should be like, and that perception could be influenced by the need for comfort, or economy, or reliability, or any one of dozens of factors. But if you were President of the United States, there could be many more aspects to think about. Needless to say, security would perhaps be at the top of the list. The powers that be in America are understandably keen to ensure the President is safe at all times, so they will have ensured their man’s protection while he’s being driven from the White House to Congress, for example, or when he’s making state visits to overseas nations. As you might expect, the US government demands only the very best from its vehicles, and the eye for detail is as intense for the car as it would be for airplanes, helicopters, ships and trains. And as well as being functional, strong and reliable, the car in question also happens to be beautiful to behold. Cadillac, now a division of General Motors, have been making cars since 1902, and the company is one of the classic American corporations (it would have been a crime to use a non-American company such as Honda). They have been supplying the Presidential limousine for many years now, and the current version is a distinctively designed vehicle with an imperial sense of elegance and style. The company and the US government are understandably reluctant to reveal too much information about the car, but rumours that each model costs around $300,000 each are unlikely to be too far from the truth. Interestingly, the vehicle would appear to be a bespoke mixture of parts from various commercially available Cadillac models. One of the things we do know about the car is that it utilises military grade armour which has a minimum thickness of five inches. The chances of a gunman penetrating the bodywork are slim, and although the bodywork makes the car exceptionally heavy, this is worth it if it keeps the President safe from harm. Run-flat tires are fitted as standard on Presidential cars, in order to enable the driver and passengers to continue to drive for a significant distance after the tires have been pierced. In some instances they are able to continue for up to 200 miles, which could prove more than useful if a pursuit should take place. The inside of the car is sealed, so if a biochemical attack should happen the occupants can remain safe. In the event of an explosion, the President and his entourage will be relieved to know the fuel tank is protected accordingly, and that the windows are so thick that very little natural light can make its way into the interior of the car. Incredibly, the doors each weigh around the same as the doors on commercial airliners. Although the list of arms that are featured in the car is a state secret, there are some aspects which are in the public domain. It’s thought that the front bumper can dispense tear gas through specially secreted outlets, and smoke grenades can be fired should it be deemed necessary. Of course, it’s not all about firepower. The vehicle carries a supply of blood that matches the type that the President has, so if a transfusion is required it can be done instantly. The car has its own fire-fighting system in place, and it can even rely on its very own independent oxygen supply. Running such an impressive vehicle doesn’t come cheap, although it’s difficult to put a price on transporting the most powerful man in the world. The Presidential limousine manages a gas-guzzling eight miles per gallon, although given the weight of the car this isn’t perhaps overly surprising.


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An info-graphic about you guys!

Car Throttle Info-graphic - A School Project

YouTube / Jonathan Farah

I own all animations, voice, illustrations and all have been done alongside the Car Throttle brand book for colors and typography.

The animation is a school project in graphic design and i chose to do it about Car Throttle, of course, all my recent projects have been about cars.
I have nothing against Car Throttle, it’s just a video with a funny tone from what i notice on the Facebook page of Car Throttle. I am an avid viewer of Car Throttle myself, statistics aren’t very accurate, it’s just a fun video.
I hope you enjoy!
Music: Colin MCrae 2 Soundtrack: Selection 03
Programs used: Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6

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