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Toyota Has Tuned The GR Supra Engine To 1000bhp

In case you needed a further reminder that the Supra is aimed as much at tuners as it is at the regular Joe, Toyota has casually dropped the news that it has tuned the B58 motor to a four-figure output

Remind me later
Toyota - Toyota Has Tuned The GR Supra Engine To 1000bhp - News

There will be a 1000bhp GR Supra engine on display at Toyota’s SEMA 2019 stand, the Japanese company has confirmed.

The B58 turbocharged straight-six, borrowed from yes-we-know-that-already -so-just-get-on-with-it, has been tweaked right up to four figures with an as-yet unspecified combination of induction and exhaust tweaks.

Toyota - Toyota Has Tuned The GR Supra Engine To 1000bhp - News

You can bet that exotic metals will feature among strengthened internals, a larger turbo and possibly even a higher rev ceiling. The standard B58 tops out at 7000rpm so there is some room to raise that.

Toyota slipped this nugget of information into a low-key press release outlining the date and time of its SEMA press conference. It’s 10:00 Pacific Standard Time today, if you’re wondering. The 1000bhp engine news was only on line six of the list of things the company is showing off, after a new 2020 GR Supra ‘Premium’ model, modified Supras from pro tuners, a GR Supra pace car, TRD-spec Camry and Avalon models and a couple of GR Supra race cars.

Suffice it to say we’re interested in all of those to a greater or lesser extent, but we know where we’ll be looking closest…